GST 307 Material

In my last post, i promised to share GST 307 material to share the joy of getting an A in my IT. Without much stories, would just provide the link to the material.

Click to download GST 307 material

Just in case you don’t know, GST means General STudies, and the history in UNILAG can be summarize as:


The present General Studies Programme came into being many years back consequently upon the statute of the National University Commission to all the Federal Universities and other Higher Institution of Learning to embark upon and pass before graduation, certain courses of general and diverse nature for the students. In the past, the courses offered were called General African Studies (GAS) and the Co-ordinating office was known as GAS Office. It was then coordinated by Prof. (Mrs.) Sophia Oluwole.

The GAS Office then was at the Ground floor of the Faculty of Arts Building. Later, GAS Office was renamed GST Unit and presently GST Centre.


Among the primary functions performed by the GST centre are:

  • Arrangement, supervision, monitoring and co-ordination of both the teaching staff/ Lecturers and lectures sites during the period of studies in each semester.
  • Collecting examination materials such as stationery from the Examinations Office and Answer scripts from the ARMIS unit of the Academic office of the University.

You can check the UNILAG website for more info.

Cheers and see you soon…


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