A Touching Story: The Curse of the Camera Phone! Players Beware!

A guy I know (let’s call him KC), got a BB picture message from his recent ex girl-friend of her having naked raunchy sex with a guy in a crazy position in her room.

The picture was named “my new job”. He also noticed that her BB DP had been changed to another more outrageous picture of her being banged by some hairy guy. The status message had been changed to “Am a cheap Ho, always open 4 business”. The funny thing about the pics was that the guys face was never shown while her face was very clear in both cases.

KC was shocked at the pics and immediately placed a call to the girl (call her NK) but it was cut several times till it was finally switched off. The message really troubled him since he had still been in love with NK who had just broken up with him 2months ago after confessing her secret affair with another rich guy who had just asked her to marry him, which she accepted since Kc was still trying to find his feet as a man. He thought she was trying to spite him with the pictures, but was confused about her horrible dp which was viewable by everyone on her contact including friends, colleagues and relatives.

Kc tried NK’s number continuously until after sometime when it gave a user busy reply again for almost full 40 minutes before it was completely switched off and the dp on her bb completely taken down. She never picked his call so he decided to go to her apartment to confront her physically about the rubbish message she sent him. On reaching there, Nk was nowhere to be found, he kept on checking back, calling and dropping messages until a full week went by and just concluded that maybe she had moved in with her fiancé. However Kc became worried when he learnt from a friend that NK had not been to work for over a week and everyone was worried.

This news made him more worried now and he became quite desperate, looking everywhere for her asking old friends, colleagues and family. All he heard was that she and her fiancé had broken up and she ran away from everybody. This was quite strange but he never gave up until he got a call from an old mutual friend of theirs who didn’t even know they had broken up. She told him that she had seen someone like her severally at the balcony of one old lonely building on her way to work in a small town located far away in the outskirts of the city.

KC made up his mind and the following weekend he decided to trace her to where he had been directed. Now this was exactly 2weeks after the incident. He located the house in a lonely quiet area poverty stricken neighborhood where the friend had described. He got into the empty compound, looked for the staircase and climbed it till he came to the terrace which led to only one door. He knocked on the door over and over again for several minutes but there was no reply and no one around to ask questions from. After getting no answer for a while, he tried the door and it was unlocked. He opened it slowly, everywhere was completely silent but he felt the presence of a person and looked up, what he saw shocked him down to the marrows!


No she hadn’t hanged herself, haba! But your guess was almost right, NK who now had lost so much weight, had a darker looking skin and sunken eyes was just about to hang herself, she stood on the chair with the rope just around her neck with a suicide note by the chair on the floor! Quickly he ran and grabbed her hands forcing the rope off her neck and carrying her frail trembling body down from the rickety chair in the scanty sitting room. She was crying, shaking and gasping for breath violently. He held her tight rocking her continuously to comfort her till she was calm. After a while she came around but was quiet for a while before she started to speak about how she came to be at this point.

Nk narrated the story, she confessed that she had actually been dating 2 other guys while KC was dating her, but according to her, she loved him most among the three, however because she got a marriage proposal from the richest and best placed one, she decided to call off her other relationships and face her fiancé. What shocked Kc was her admittance that she met the rich guy just 4months into their 3yrs relationship and was secretly dating the other since a year ago.

The rich guy had changed her life after the proposal, made her more committed in church and join the choir, went together for pre-marital counselling, got her a car and so on. He was highly connected and had a lot of respectable people as contacts which he also introduced to her to add as contacts on her BB for any assistance. However, according to her the other guy she was seeing besides Kc and her fiance, was still pestering her for a relationship which she claimed she declined severally.

She had discovered she was pregnant soon after she left Kc but had pinned it on the rich guy who accepted they kept the baby and got married, though she claimed she honestly wasn’t sure who was the real father as she was active with all three at the time, but decided to go for the best.

According to her, the third guy, (call him Tj) was still pestering her and came to her apartment where she still lived alone begging her for a last weekend of passion after which he would leave her be. She stupidly agreed and had nights of raunchy sex on Friday till Saturday evening. However she told him to leave her place on Sunday morning after their session into the early hours of the morning which he refused, this led to an argument which was later settled and they decided to have a last round. It was then the guy took his mobile camera phone and wanted to film them in action which she vehemently refused! After minutes of struggling, Tj succumbed to her resistance and then suggested he would use her phone to snap them in various positions while in action for her to remember their last time together. Since it was her phone and she could delete the pics anytime, she let him do what he wanted and even added more flavour for the sex-camera shoot. After he finished, he went into the toilet with her phone, but since she didn’t have any credit on it for him to make a call, she wasn’t bothered. She cuddled up and slept off.

Unknown to her while she was asleep, Tj who was jealous, angry and secretly pissed off at the way she had dumped him had other plans. While in the toilet, he changed her dp and status update, to a nasty sex pic with dirty wordings and took enough time to send all the dirty pics where only NK’s face had appeared to every single person on her BB contact list, from her father, to her boss, pastor, fiancé, ex-boyfriends, colleagues at work, choir member, nieces and nephews, casual acquaintances, ex classmates, ex nysc friends, professional colleagues, BBM groups, etc all about 169 in number both home and abroad.

After doing this TJ put her phone on silent, refused to pick up any calls and intentionally played games and browsed with her phone till the battery completely died out. In the morning, she unknowingly kissed him goodbye and got ready for church. She decided to leave the phone at home charging while she went to church to sing in the choir, listen to the word of God and play holy responsible girl before pastor and members. It was when she greeted many people friends and others but kept getting the same disgusting look that she realized something was amiss. She ignored all and went to join the choir, however the director told her not to until she had met with the pastor. She was wondering what had gone amiss all through the service that she couldn’t concentrate and was glad when it was over. She couldn’t even get to ask any of her friends what the problem was till the meeting with pastor began. Of course up to three pastors in church were her BB contacts too.

Nk started the meeting the with the pastors and was shocked when she saw the pics and midway into the meeting she ran out of the office to her house, picked the phone and saw over a hundred missed calls and messages from different people on her contact list! She screamed out in a confused shock and ran out of the house, got into her car and headed off to nowhere in particular.

She stopped on the highway and had a good cry. she was going crazy. After several hours exhausted from crying and cursing Tj with all her heart, she decided to call a childhood friend of hers who was a teacher in a small village in the outskirts of town and went to stay with her and her aged grandma in the old empty storey building away from everyone who knew her.

She had starved herself daily crying herself to sleep. She said she had attempted severally to take her life every day when her friend was out and mama gone to farm but never had the guts. KC caught her at her 17th attempt. Her fiancé had sent her a message that the wedding was over and she should keep her bastard away from him, her boss was also angry because some clients had reported her to him beside him receiving her message himself. He gave her an ultimatum to report to him which had elapsed.

Her world had come crashing down all around her and the only person that seemed to care was KC. She is back to town now, but has no job, no car, bleak prospects in the city she has lived all her life, no friend but Kc. she is claiming to still be in love with him and is presently trying to suggest the 2 and half month old baby in her womb is most likely his.

Now friends, whether this is real or fiction, what would you advise each of the parties involved to do? That is NK and Mr Rich guy and especially my guy KC whom I think still loves her? And while at it, any thoughts for Tj?



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