As You Write Your Exams

For most of us, exams are the most pressurized times of our lives when questions start coming to our mind like how could we motivate ourselves through 60 pages of class work in a week before exam? These typical questions normally brings tension for most students, but with hard preparations and reading, exam tension and stress is usually eliminated.

Writing exams in UNILAG and most schools from my own experience also includes some form of preparations other than reading. I would just summarize them all in this post as: Examination advice which I have divided in two part; the before the exam part and the in the exam part.

Before the exam

1. Check the time and place for the exam.

2. Do not cram at the last minute.

3. Put your equipment in a clear plastic bag the night before.

4. Get a good night’s sleep.

5. Eat good food before the exam but not junk food.

5. Avoid people who make you feel nervous.

6. Stay calm and confident. Breathe deeply if you feel nervous.

7. Don’t forget your writing equipment.

8. Be early for the exam.

In the exam

1. Stay calm, Relax and Stay focused.

2. Have confidence in yourself.

3. Answer the easy questions first.

4. Do not spend too long on each question. If you have extra time at the end return to the question.

5. Do not use red pen.

6. Cross out mistakes with a single line.

7. Use diagrams to support your answer if possible.

8. Label clearly.

9. Read questions twice. Circle key terms. Do not bulk up an answer. Keep to the point!

10. Proof read answers. Ask yourself – Have I written a complete answer? Have I answered the question that was asked?

11. Match the length of your answer to the space provided.

12. Watch out for plural in questions. For example, ‘Name features of Oceans’ means that you are required to write at least two features.

13. Label extra pages clearly and attach them to your exam booklet.

Hope you gained something from this little write up? You can use the comment form below to share your ideas too.

Wishing all UNILAG students success in their exams, the lifting up is sure.

Till you hear from me again……ciao


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