My Ghana 2013 Experience

What happens in Ghana ends in Ghana!!! That’s a popular saying in Marine Sciences Dept of UNILAG every year after the final year students comes back from their educational tour of the west African country and this year which is my set was no different.

Ghana 2013 has already be code named “Ghana of ‘Reasons'”, the “Reason” been implied in special meaning as the female bum bum. Our class entertainers Afro Dapo (Ceo of and Tuneao where at the height of affairs as they kept us entertained through out the journeys, both to and fro Ghana and within Ghana.

On a personal note, ghana 2013 was a success for me both for personal, class and dept reasons. I achieved all the set targets I had before leaving. Broke some bonds, cemented some, discussed plans with key personalities, had all sort of fun (both the know and the unknown fun) and even made new friends. The meaning of the popular sayings “rules are meant to be broken” and “there is no fun when rules are kept” all became very clear to me. The urge for adventure was too much on me to ignore.

One main thing about the tour was alcohol. Drinks and spirits where so much that even some Alfars in my class had to take at one point. As a member of Purto Rico (which is the last 2 seats in the Marcopolo we used), drinks and food where not a problem. We drank so much that if a blood test was done on us during the course of the trip, our blood would get some people high.

One prominent feature I noticed in Ghana is the “bum bum” size of their female homo-sapiens. Must say God took time to shape and curve their ladies backside. 7 out of every 10 have this -God-save-me- bakiyard, and trust Nigerian boys, we nor dull ourselves. We satisfied our organ of vision to the fullest, particularly when we visited the dept of Marine and fisheries science of the University of Ghana.

The best and most popular food in Ghana is Banku, although I refused eating it till the last day. Was scared of having running stomach as I react easily to new food. Food is relatively cheap there judging from the quantity and quality. A standard plate of food cost 4 Cedis which is about 320 Naira (exchange rate of 1cedis to 80 Naira). This standard plate has chicken, salad, plaintain and the rice. Light in Ghana is relatively stable. Took light once for about 5mins for the week long trip.

This trip also made me understand the big brother Nigeria factor in other Africa countries. The ghanians look happy seeing us, just the way we were happy seeing white men when growing up. In the course of the visit to U.G, we walked through their hostel, and you should see how they were happily calling to us.

Ghanians also have some pretty good thieves. I personally experienced their activity when my wallet was stolen on the second day of our trip. Like play like play, they carry am. My friend Don shadowz also had his phone stolen just as another course mate of ours complained of missing properties right in the hotel we lodged.

All in all, it was a pretty good experience for me. You know say Warri boys nor they carry last. I enjoyed every part of it…academics, fun, babes, alcohol, money, new experience… just to name a few.


One thought on “My Ghana 2013 Experience

  1. seriously I love this,its really inspiring.I can’t wait to get there.its a good sign my president.and the lifting up is double sure for us.

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