Teasing Game With A Beautiful Lagos Babe

Some things just happen sometimes you can’t help but laugh when you remember them. A typical example occurred today coming from Ikeja back to UNILAG. Just read on and smile or laugh depending on your humour level. Didn’t know what best to use as Title of the post. Hope this one is ok…u can let me know through the comment box if you got something better.

Today is just one of those days when you can’t wait to get to the room, have a cool bath and eat good food. After the stress and effort expended for the day seeking sponsorship for our dept programs, was so angry to get to the bus-stop and found out there was no bus going to Yaba. Had to wait patiently at the bus-stop.

Finally found a bus heading to Yaba after waiting for over 30mins. Hopped into the second row of seat and just on my left is this God-is-a-great designer babe sitting beside me looking so flashy, sexy, beautiful looking, tush and probably an 8/10 on the Toveke rating system. (A rating system developed by 3 friends

Initial instinct was to strike up a convo but somehow, my tenovic mind already figure this babe to be those proud ones that require type 3 convication. While still contemplating speaking with her or not, a call came in on my blackberry Torch 2.

Immediately I finished answering the call, I noticed Ms flashy already bringing out her white blackberry bold 5 which frooze as usual for a blackberry for some few minutes before the phone came to life. I noticed she was trying to impress or should I say oppress me with her pinging. Would have done same but my battery was already at 10 percent making me wonder when blackberry would swallow their pride and ask Nokia how to make good lasting batteries.

As her pinging and body gesticulations continued to vadamise me, I gladly uprooted my 5″ Android phone from my pocket with full battery. Next thing I saw her playing a movie on her bold 5. While seeing her movie, a call came in on my android. As I swiped to answer the call, I saw miss beauty staring at my phone screen with projector eyes. Seems I’m getting her attention I thought.

Done with the call, I saw a new email which I opened to reply. With the predictive text input, “all is well” was immediately added once I typed “hope”. I could see surprise written all over baby beauty face, but she still kept calm. Just to push the game further, I opened my ttpod player, and intentionally selected “drop the world” by Lil Wayne ft Eminem cos that is a rap song I could sing very well.

The “drop the world” lyrics came up immediately I started playing the song, na so the pretty one leave her movie and started singing with me to the lyrics. I pretended like I didn’t hear her and moved the phone a little to my right so she won’t see the lyrics scrolling through on my phone. The babe begin long neck, I smiled within. Its working, I said to myself.

To finish the charming game, I opened temple Run 2, played like 3 times, before starting Highway Surfers. Mz flashy couldn’t take it anymore. Seems she had played subway surfers before and kinda addicted to it. I notice she was moving her head like Agama lizard all this while.

Noticing that HSPDA network was strong, I decided to blow her out of the water. I opened SPB TV and selected Miami Music Channel, watched a little before tuning to euronews to check the latest world news.
At this point, the beautiful one couldn’t take it anymore she didn’t know when she said ‘hello’. Her initial gra gra just fall flat, her prestin falling down the Atlantic ocean as she inquired about my phone and all the crazy apps I’ve got. Gave her the phone to feel for some few minutes.

Next thing she dey ask for Badoo number, claiming she will get an android phone soon and would need help with it. As a sharp guy though, I form small teasing her before giving her my contact. Lata found out she attends YabaTech, making me wonder. I though YabaTech don’t have beautiful ladies…guess there is always an exception to the rule.


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