ULSSA Awards Nominees 2013

The University of Lagos Science Students Association have release the Award Nominees for the 2013/2013 Academic session.

Voting is purely online at http://www.ulssa.com.ng. The complete list below.

Best CGPA:
Magret (Microbiology Year 3)
Bisola Rufai (Mathematics Year 3)
Awonaike Tife (Chemistry Year 5)
Oliver Adiele (Mathematics Year 4)
Michelle Agonsi (Marine Sciences Year 4)
Bayo (Physics Year 3)
Balogun Peju (Biochemistry Year 4)

Class Rep of the Year:
Israel (Zoology Year 4)
Kingsley (Microbiology Year 4)
Samuel (Cell Biology n Genetics Year 3)
Richard (Cell Biology n Genetics Year 4)
Micheal (Computer Science Year 4)
Raji (Chemistry Year 4)

Cutest Male:
Fernandez (Microbiology Year 2)
Somto (Marine Sciences Year 3)
Adrian (Computer Science Year 5)
Biola (Microbiology Year 3)
Melvin (mathematics Year 4)

Cutest Female:
Mary (Cell Biology n Genetics Year 2)
Bukky D (Biochemistry Year 3)
Joy Ugo (Medicine Year 1)
Bisola (Botany Year 4)
Nkiru (Dentistry Year 1)
Tola Jones (Computer Science Year 3)

Most Influential Male:
Titus (Geophysics)
Kashogi (Computer Science Year 5)
Lummy (Computer Science Year 5)
Sodiq (Microbiology Year 4)
Oke Stalyf (Marine Sciences Year 4)

Most Sophisticated Male:
Uthman (Cell Biology n Genetics Year 4)
Toso (Marine Sciences Year 4)
Ladi (Botany Year 3)
Young Money Lanre (Computer Science)
Jebbe (Geoscience Year 3)
Charlie Monie (Marine Sciences Year 3)
Desmond (Marine Sciences Year 2)

Most Sophisticated Female:
Tosin (Computer Science)
Kaffy (Marine Sciences Year 4)
Tope Jegede (Cell Biology Genetics Year 4) Omajuwa (Computer Science Year 2)
Joy Ugochucku (Chemistry Year 3)
Nancy (Chemistry Year 3)

Face of Science:
Sodiq (Microbiology Year 4)
Paparazzi (Cell Biology n Genetics Year 4)
EjaNla (Marine Sciences Year 3)
Otunba Joshgidi (Microbiology Year 4)
Gunnerson Alariwo (Chemistry Year 5)
Jebbe (Geosciences Year 3)
Polymer (Chemistry Year 4)

Best Automobile:
Charlie Monie (Marine Sciences Year 3)
Jebbe (Geosciences Year 3)
Lanre (Computer Sciences Year 5)
Uthman Gbolabor (Marine Science Year2)
Young Money (Mathematics Year 4)

Most Popular Male:
Paparazzi (Cell Biology n Genetics Year 4) Polymer (Chemistry Year 4)
SeanTee (Marine Sciences Year 4)
Bob-tee (Marine Sciences Year 2)
Dean Adeniyi Gboyega
Rukeme (Zoology Year 4)
T.J (Computer Science Year 4)

Most Popular Female:
Oge (Biochemistry Year 3)
Bisola Rufai (Mathematics Year 3)
Wunmi (Biochemistry Year 2)
Biola (Zoology Year 4)

Best Dressed Male:
Johnson (Year 2)
Tayo (Computer Science Year 2)
Fakeye Dotun (Computer Science Year 5)
Fatai Salawu (Zoology Year 4)
Lanre (Computer Science Year 5)

Best Dressed Female:
Kemi curvy
Tosin (Computer Science Year 4)
Titi (Botany Year 4)
Vanessa (Cell Biology n Genetics Year 4)
Bukky D (Biochemistry Year 3)
Gbemi (Mathematics Year 4)

Clique of The Year:
Kush Gang
Invaders Ent
Dagrin & South
Ferrari, Adigun and Trust
Street Chronicles

Departmental Exco of The Year:
Richard Adewole (Cell Biology n Genetics)
Oke Stalyf (Marine Sciences)
Lekan (Chemistry)
Micheal (Botany)
Ahmed (mathematics)

Student Artiste of The Year:
Cupid (Cell Biology n Genetics Year 4)
Biyii (Year 1)
Kenny (Chemistry Year 2)
Likkle T (Botany Year 4)
I.Jay. (Computer Science Year 1)
Tez (Marine Sciences Year 2)
Deyon (Biochemistry Year 1)
F.billion (Computer Science Year 3)

Student Entreprenuer of The Year:
South Designs (Microbiology Year 4)
Macfor (Chemistry Year 4)
Fatai Salawu (Zoology Year 4)
E.twins (Marine Sciences Year 3)
Micheal (Computer Science Year 4)
Dola Posh (Marine Sciences Year 2)
Oladele (Mathematics Year 3)

Most Amiable:
Fernandez (Microbiology Year 4)
Tobi Urban (Geosciences Year 3)
Kashogi (Computer Science Year 5)
T.j (Computer Science Year 4)

Year One Class Rep of The Year:
Rozay (Biochemistry)
Gaji (Marine Sciences)
Lanre (Mathematics)
Isaac (Pharmacology)
Victor (Chemistry)
Gracious (Physiology)
Austine (Medicine)
Barbra (Computer Science)

Best Use of Social Media:
Oke Stalyf (Unilag-Stalyf)
Clubheadz Ent

Best Couple:
Mary n Tunechi (Year 2)
Imiruge Tega n Taiwo Oduola (Year 4)
Kayode n Mariam
Odekome Oyinda n Obuh Solomon
Tone n Tasha
Wuman n Doyin
Ahmed n Jaqline
Kehinde n Tinu

Most Handsome:
Ugo (Marine Sciences Year 3)
Fola (Microbiology Year 2)
Cupid (Cell Biology n Genetics Year 4)
Kadiri Caleb (Year 1)
Jide (Microbiology Year 4)
Tobe (Mathematics Year 4)

Rookie of The Year:
Prodigy (Chemistry)
Ola (Computer Science)
Benedict Casper (Biochemistry)
Yomi (Marine Sciences)

Most Social Year 1:
Paul (Biochemistry)
David (Chemistry)
Peju (Botany)
Remi (Geosciences)
Mariam (Mathematics)
Jerry (Medical Lab Science)
Wunmi (Biochemistry)

Highest GP Year 1:
Damilola (Mathematics)
Chibueze (Geosciences)
Daniel (Geosciences)

Most Popular Year 1:
Zona (Medical Lab Science)
Gaji (Marine Sciences)
Ababio (Microbiology)
Yomi (Marine Sciences)
Zane (Microbiology)
Lumi D (Marine Sciences)

So what’s your take on the list, let’s hear you through the comment form below.


5 thoughts on “ULSSA Awards Nominees 2013

  1. Why are there so many year one categories? I thought this award was supposed to honour the final year students? how on earth do you expect me to be aware of what is going on in other levels? This is a travesty and should be rectified immediately. There shouldn’t be more than 2 award categories for year 1. Thank you.

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