What Would Make Me Quit A Relationship

What are the things that would make you
dislike your partner so much that will make you think of quitting?

Had to ask this question cos I had this little argument with a friend of mine who broke up with his girlfriend last month. I told him plain black that the reason he gave for breaking up was so lame, of no effect and non and void which brought up more arguments.

As for me, i think it would be infidelity and much dirtiness ,stinginess and not romantic to level six (6) and if she’s not caring and lastly and most importantly if she’s not good in krapaging (Jaja A222 boys know this well)

If she also demonstrate unnecessary pride and lies a lot, we go get quantal.

So I’m putting the question to you, what will make you break up with your bf or gf?

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5 thoughts on “What Would Make Me Quit A Relationship

  1. I had an argument with my gf and in the process, The only word i said was “You
    dey talk anyhow”.. She don pick up offence oo, she went as far as deleting me from her bbm and na me buy the bb self. The worst part, she don make me drive all the other girls..Mehn.. Have not been my self for like 3days now.. Well, What to do, I can’t kill myself

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