From Oke Stalyf Umurhohwo.
President, Marine Sciences, UNILAG.

It’s no longer news that LASU students under the cover of the National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) came to UNILAG yesterday but were locked out by the Unilag school mgt, for which I must commend the school mgt for doing.
I asked one of the LASU students why they came to UNILAG, he said cos of ASUU strike, to which I reminded him for the record that ASUU national chairman is not in UNILAG neither is the president of Nigeria, so their protest here in Unilag is null and void unless they are after other hidden agendas, which I latter found out to be true. They were just here for media publicity and hype.

Written on their banner was no against 700 percent increase in school fees, which I know affect only Lasu. They also called Unilag students babies for not having a Student Union Government (SUG) like other schools. I personally and like most other students are comfortable with the present Faculty and department style students Association. It’s peaceful this way.

We know when and what we protest for. We only protest when there is a genuine reason for such. Remember Maulag and food price protest?

The initial idea behind the creation of NANS has long been defeated. All we have now are students seeking political favours.

Don’t be part of any NANS protest. Your parents need you to stay alive.  Remember subsidy protest, People that died had no compensation and it didn’t change anything much.

Cheers and stay alive.


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