Happy Independence Nigeria


Happy Independence Nigeria. I’m really an optimist even in the darkest of times, guess that’s the reason I am proud to be a Nigerian. We should keep upholding this our beloved country in prayers and goodwill because things would definitely change for the better. It can’t be worse than this.

Forget about your problems for once, even if only for today! Things will be better! Put a smile on your face and act like everything is okay with Nigeria.

I task everyone to believe in Nigeria irrespective of the current situations; ASUU, corruption, power crisis, unemployment amongst many others.

Irrespective of our many short coming as a nation, we should all celebrate at less for been a united, indivisible and sovereign country, staying together for all this years despite our religious and ethnic differences and been known for being the most optimistic country.

Lets us not abandon ship no matter how bad things may seem, we as a country shall arise and take our place.

No matter what, Nigeria is our own. I don’t have another country to call mine, just like many of us. I’m so optimistic that Nigeria will be better Someday.

I rep #Vision2039


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