The modern definition of the subject of this article has made the need for this publication even more compelling.  Many have missed it as a result of their inability to distinguish between these two words. Let’s consider these two words and compare them? The word success as defined by Wikipedia is “The achievement of something planned, desired or attempted. While on the other hand, perfection can be described as the condition, state or quality of being free or as free as possible from all possible flaws or defects. These two words if put in contrast can be said to contradict each other as it will only mean that there would be no need to attempt, plan or desire something, it is already there! You already posses the ability to make your desire come to life. You can become whatever you desire without going through any stress. Everything is just there for you! At the snap of your finger, everything come to be! Mind you, this is not true! The world is not meant for perfect people. Sure you agree with me?

Perfection is not a common virtue common among men; in fact, no man can claim to be perfect. Why is it then confused for success? Perfection is a trade-mark only associate with God. He made man with perfection but man lost it as soon as he fell to the serpent (Devil) ever since, he has strived and will continue to strive to attain perfection. Little wonder why they say we all aim towards perfection! Never heard anyone say that he/she has achieved it! Man will always aim to achieve this but the best we can record can only be success! The best a man can achieve is to be successful in his/her attempt in accomplishing a set goal or target.

The misconception surrounding the subject of this article has led a lot of people astray. Men with goals and aspirations have lost it as a result of their inability to fully understand what success really mean. No wonder the bible says” my people perish because of lack of wisdom.”

An attempt just as earlier mentioned to accomplish a particular goal or target has already put you enroute the path to success. Your ability to be consistent, dogged and determined to accomplish that particular goal will confirm you as being successful though someone somewhere else with a similar goal might go even a step further. That point when you feel you have achieved success might just be a stage for another person towards accomplishing that similar goal or even a part of the process. In anyway, that point when you gain personal satisfaction after an attempt or fulfillment of a desired goal or target is when you can say you have achieved success

Get it right, a proper definition of your goal will give you a proper insight as to when success is achieved therefore, it is very important when setting a goal that you  attach a purpose to it and properly define your objective, thoughts like” what do I intend to achieve?” “Is it really necessary for me to do this”? “What will happen if I don’t do it?” should always be considered when setting a goal.

The lesson that should be taken from this article is simple: don’t work with someone else’s clock (Time). Clearly define and be purposeful when setting a goal or target. At that point when you feel you are satisfied with what you have achieved, then you can congratulate yourself and be glad you achieved success. Only a not well defined goal will lead to confusion not even perfection as it was intended.

Now that you know, I believe you can retrace your steps if you have missed it and get that goal right. Change your mind set about success and tap into the real meaning. Aim to be successful. Remember, success doesn’t mean perfection; you can always try again!

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