In Search of The Perfect Girlfriend

perfect gfOn our way back to the hostel two days ago after playing football at The UNILAG Sports Centre, I was telling Deji Gunnerson how i want my next girl friend to look like. After giving him a detailed facial, physique and character description of what i want as a girlfriend, he just laughed and said i am chasing after an illusive perfect girl friend that doesn’t exist. Is it really so?

Maybe i should tell you guys what i told him, so you all can help me with the search too because even though the odds of ever seeing my perfect girlfriend are very slim, i am convinced i will meet sooner than latter for the simple fact that i’m an optimist, and because my Warri people talk say “na small smal Garri dey full belle”

Well, first thing first, she must be light in complexion, what my urhobo tribesmen will call obobo canda. Not just light, she will be spotless with a fresh soft skin. She must have red or pinkish or transparently natural lips, since i am addicted to kissing. Also she should be 3 – 4 years younger than me… there is some form of respect with that.

I also want her to be elegant with model like shape, i.e tall with long legs, not some short babes that i have to bend down to kiss. I also admire ladies with dimples, so obviously she should have dimples *wink*

On the character part, she just have to be smart. I don’t have to tell a simple joke and start explaining in lame man English before she comprehend the joke. She basically also have to be good in bed. The perfect girlfriend should know how to handle my body. She should be able to make sweet love just as easily as she can skank it up. Essentially, every sexual experience leaves a lasting impression.

I love good food, so she knowing how to prepare nice meal would be a major turn on. Might not be for dating part, but maybe for our marriage…and finally, she just have to be financially independent. For the simple reason that someone as beautiful as her should not be freak with money, or else wahala dey ooh.

So that’s it. I’m i chasing shadows or that special lady is somewhere waiting for me?



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