My Opinion On GEJ suspension of CBN governor Sanusi

When the news filtered in that the Central Bank of Nigeria governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has be suspended by president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for one reason or the other, the first though that came to my mind was seeing GEJ as a biblical Jew, because the Jews were the only ones who demanded that a notorious and well known thief Barnabas be set free so that the innocent man Jesus can be hanged.

I’m not saying Sanusi is innocent of the reasons why he has been suspended because for a CBN governor to pull great figures from the air as missing only to retract his words shortly after, doesn’t sound good for his position. His questionable charity with CBN funds does even more damage to his reputation.

Sanusi may have had enough valid reasons to have make some of the statements about the economy, but his manner of approach to the economy issues knowing he’s still a part of the present government and his actions as well as utterances were unbecoming of a central bank governor.

If a major reason for suspending Sanusi was because of financial recklessness and misconduct, I begin to wonder if GEJ is going to suspend Iweala since she’s the minister of finance, Diezani (petroleum minister) and Yakubu (NNPC)? These people all have a case to answer one way or the other with regards to the missing money or is this suppose to show that GEJ has a hand in the missing money?

With this presidential suspension, some questions readily jump to the mind, amongst which are;

*Considering that sanusi has just four (4) months left to complete his tenure, why suspend him at this time when he is the key witness and whistle blower in a whopping $20b scam?

*Does the president have the power under the act that created the CBN to suspend the cbn governor without recourse to the national assembly? The UNILAG name change situation comes back to mind.

*Is the president trying to undermine the ongoing investigation into the $20b missing fund?

*Is the president a beneficiary of the $20b missing fund?

Hopefully we will find answers to all these questions as event unfolds. But
one thing is certain, a clear conscience have nothing to fear.

God bless Nigeria.


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