The Centenary Celebration and The Abacha’s family

Just last week, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan at the centenary celebration honoured past presidents and head of states including Sani Abacha.  Less than a week after the late general was honoured, the United States of America has frozen more than $458 million in assets stolen by the late dictator Sani Abacha and hidden in accounts around the world. The biggest amount ever in recent history.

That’s why I find it bitterly disturbing and insulting to read Sadiq Abacha (Sani Abacha’s son) misguided open letter to Wole Soyinka in defending the honour of his father. This might not be a problem; looking at the  fact that it’s an obligation in this society of ours for children to rise to the defence of their parents irrespective of what the said parent might have had their hands in. I bet the unmerited award from GEJ has given the Abacha’s family their voice once again.

Someone once said two things are presently destroying our great nation –
our Politicians and decadence in moral values.

Because I’m still imagining the rationale and basis on which somebody like Abacha was honored? For seizing power? For been a brutal dictator who silenced all forms of opposition? Or something else we don’t know. The government of the day is busy honoring him while the United States is going about spreading their tentacles to recover his loot.

I frankly believe GEJ has laid a very bad precedence in honoring Abacha and many other individuals of questionable characters who are not worthy of our national honor. The centenary celebration and award was malodorous. The only thing of fresh air I saw was bringing political enemies together.

In the not too distant future, our offsprings will definitely be perplexed and bewildered when reading our history books and start seeing some contradictory situations. A situation where my 7 years old son will ask “Dad, while googling through Nigeria’s history, i saw an uncommon situation that a past Head of state by name General Sani Abacha stole billions of dollars from Nigeria while in power and also read that he was given a national award; do political thieves get national award?”

What will you expect me to tell him then, after all the moral teaching he has  been receiving from me and the family to mold him into a model Nigerian? There will certainly be issues in the future.

With all the recent brouhaha involving the Abacha’s family, the quote “Even if they freeze all the accounts they know, we’ll never be as poor as Dangote ” which was attributed to Maryam Abacha (Gen Abacha’s widow) is beginning to make sense to my ears.

I won’t give up on Nigeria though.
God bless Nigeria.


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