Life As A UNILAG Student

Hey guys, been long I wrote something here. It has not been intentional though, just a combination of many things that I can’t even start enumerating. Anyways, now that we are here, let’s do something.

Don’t even know what to write about, though I have many things I feel I should spill out. Guess since I rounded up in UNILAG, I should probably comment on a few things since I rocked the four ways of UNILAG. That is… The good, bad and ugly part. I was never shy of the adventures UNILAG brought.

A couple of days back, a friend was saying he envied my life as a UNILAG student. In his words

“Oke, I swear… If I fit get half of wetin you enjoy ehh, I don achieve be that. No extra year, been comfortable to a large extent, having political power, been influential and popular, having the many babes… Baba na you joor. We nor fit get your part 2”

Maybe to the outside world I had a fun life as a student, but believe me when I say it wasn’t always rosy. To start with, school politics hindered academic performance negatively. Missing classes and labs because of one meeting or the other became a regular thing and they had effects. So if you are considering running for elective posts, be prepared to sacrifice some of your academic life, unless you just want to be a figure head exco.

To the aspect of living quite comfortable, I can’t really say much. Parents, uncles and family members played their part, although Google Adsense was massive for me through blogging and other computer related work I was doing. So if you want extra comfort as a student, you might look for something to do as a student instead of depending solely on your people. As a guy, you would want to buy chicken and chips for them once in a while,  so as to move the ministry to the permanent site. *winks*

What else are we supposed to discuss? Influential and popularity?? *Scratch head* well well, maybe my type of person is positively contagious. I find it easy adapting and mixing with people and I also know how to make people feel important no matter who you are. Wyning is part of the game as well. Wyne their life first time you meet them, they won’t forget you in an hurry. Also having a unique nickname sells popularity *Stalyf*. When you hear names like Alariwo, Sean T, Kashogi, Lummy, Ejanla, Fatoks amongst others, you instantly have their picture in mind. Even if you don’t know them by face, you know them by name. I’ve experienced many cases when some people would meet me for the first time and they will be like

so you are the stalyf, whoa”


Also been influential means people can’t do somethings without thinking of you. Make yourself important for them. The easiest and surest way is to have the information many people need as at when due. From lecture time to class, dept, faculty and school info up to the latest bbq. These things build influence.

If you are daring enough, create a rapour with the offices where such information normally comes from. The course advisers, HOD, Staff Adviser, Dean, Sub dean are sure information source. Meet them, they won’t eat you. I went to the DSA office and introduced myself to the Dean and told him I wanted to be his friend and be contacting him directly. He gave me his direct phone number and I still communicate with him till date. So if I could do it, you can do even better. Who says you can’t visit the VC.

Think I’ve written too much but it would be injustice if I don’t spill on the ladies man issue. One thing is certain, many people have very biased opinion of me. I like ladies to a certain extent :), but I don’t see myself as a player or wished to be looked at as one. I think it’s crazy for any guy to want to be called a player. Although I rocked the “football” when I was inform but there are many things I did while in school that I’m not proud of. I did smash some stuffs and I probably lead some people to think things I didn’t see with them but that’s life. Life aren’t fair, so we just have to move on no matter what it throws at us. Damilola Darasimi, Jessy, Keh, Sonia J (real names), if I’ve not mentioned it before, I’m sorry.

A female friend was telling me Karma is a bitch and it turns round and catches up with people. Unfortunately I don’t believe in Karma Oyinye, life doesn’t rotate 360. It’s a 180 line with ups and downs. Maybe in my next post, I will restart the Chronicles of an Akokite that I started earlier in this site but had to stop for some reasons.

PS: Whoa, can’t believe I’ve written more than a page already. Guess my writing skills are still intact though rusty. Cheers guys, enjoy your life as much as you can because there is only one life.


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