My Issues With The Noah Bible Story

Saw the Noah Movie which was based on the bible story yesterday and i seriously question the Noah story in the bible.


I will list some of my observations why i think the Noah story in the bible could have been more of Jew myth and fairy tale than reality and i challenge any christian or bible student to prove them wrong.

1. How did Noah fit over 2 million insects (1 million species x 2) into the ark? And how did be manage to fit more than 12,000 amphibians, 20,000 birds, 11,000 mammals, 16,000 reptiles as well as the crustaceans, arachnids and mollusks into an Ark that must have already been overflowing with insects?

2. Where did he find space to keep many months worth of food for all those animals? How did he keep the meat for the Lions, tigers and other carnivores fresh for a whole year?

3. Why did he take mosquitoes, tapeworms, guinea worms and the HIV virus aboard the ark? Did he infect himself with all those parasites, or did he force his wife and children to carry them?

4. How come all the animals didn’t freeze to death at 9,000 metres altitude (the height of Mount Everest which must have been underwater).

5. Where did they find oxygen to breathe at that height?

6. What did all the animals eat after getting off the ark? All the plants must have died after a year underwater, and all the animals would have drowned so no food for herbivores or carnivores.

7. How come all the fish in the ocean survived? Saltwater fish can’t survive in freshwater and the ocean would have been massively diluted with all that rain. Or did the ark also have a salty fish tank with space for 60,000 fish (30,000 species x 2)? And how did he feed all those fish?

8. How did all the animals only found on isolated islands and continents (like kangaroos, ostriches, lemurs and the various species of giant tortoises) managed to find their way to the middle east to climb into the ark. Did they swim across the oceans? Did they swim back after the flood?

9. And how come kangaroos and lemurs didn’t leave a single descendant behind in Eurasia or Africa during their long walk/swim back to Australia/Madagascar? You’d think you’d find every class of animal living around the area where the ark landed instead of species being geographically isolated the way they are.


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