GEJ and 2015 Elections

Like I said earlier, I did not cast my vote for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in 2011 and looking at the level of corruption, insecurity and some other key indices presently, I don’t see myself voting him in 2015, unless something drastic in positivity comes up.

Not that GEJ is all bad since achievements like more functional international airports, reopening of three textile mills, rehabilitation of Kaduna Refinery after 15 years, rehabilitation of Benin-Ore road after 20 years as well as the rejuvenate of our comatose Railways back to life after decades of lull in the sector are worth noting but we can’t just overlook the negatives since he assumed the post of the president.

Corruption in Nigeria in this present administration has overblown the roof. The subsidy scam and missing $20B are just two of many isolated cases space won’t allow to start enumerating.

Unemployment that GEJ promised to tackle when he won the 2011 elections is still a menace. GEJ’s government has done nothing much to resolve the unemployment problem; instead, some of Mr president’s minister and agencies swindled thousands of unemployed Nigerians and some even lost their lives in a poorly organized aptitude test. In saner clines, you would have expected those directly involved to have honourably resign after giving an unreserved apology but in GEJ’s regime, nobody has been punished or prosecuted for this.

The issue of Insecurity cannot be overstated. Thousands have been killed by a terrorist group Boko-haram, not forgetting the hundreds that have been abducted. What I keep asking people that defend Mr. president that terrorism is new in Nigeria is what has he done to solve the problem beside talking about it and telling us ‘Terrorism happens everywhere’?. You know things are out of hand when the “supposedly Commander-in-Chief” of the Arm forces of Nigeria is scared to visit a town in a part of the country because of security issues. This is someone who controls the Army, Navy, Air Force, DSS and all para-military commissions.

I also find concerns with GEJ’s leadership style. He might have good intentions but his application seems not to be working or maybe like a friend once suggested, he is enclosed with very bad advisers. His lukewarm and I don’t care attitude are quite nauseating. When we need a father figure when some things happen, he is nowhere on ground. Imagine Mr. President dancing Skeluwa and makosa at a political rally and eating birthday cake while the nation was mourning the Nyanya bomb blast. I can remember Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta declared 3 days of national mourning after the infamous Mall killing. That’s a sympathetic and humane president, exactly what our Jonathan isn’t.

Well, he has once said before that he don’t give a damn and just recently in a media chat, he said that the word corruption have been overused and tried confusing us that public officers stealing is not corruption . I don’t think those statements are expected of a sitting president.

Some people are already saying President Goodluck has won with or without our vote like my university roommate tweeted, but most people are much more enlightened now than they were in 2011. We must also not underestimate the influence of social media come 2015.

I don’t know GEJ on a personal level, so I can’t say with a high degree of certainty if Mr President is a good man, but using his governance of Nigeria as a yardstick, Mr President is quite low in my scorecard, and I don’t think he deserves a re-election come 2015. Albert Einstein already said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We cannot afford doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.

Another hand should come in and do something different. The fresh air we were promised in 2011 has fermented and become repulsive.

God bless Nigeria.



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