PODCAST:Why The Few Rule The Many (The 80/20 Theory)

This is just awesome. You need listen to this message.

Olakunle Soriyan Blog

80/20 Rule How come the FEW overpower the MAJORITY?

It has become a common parlance in everyday life  and some sort of motivational comfort that every human being will make it in life. True as this assertion seems to be, not every human being will make it in life. Our choices and decisions always define our level of success.   Classless society and equality in terms of wealth is a mirage. Generations down the line have always been led by a minority few who determine the direction of the majority. According to UNDP research, over 65 million of Nigerians live less than a dollar per day. This invariably means that the majority of the nation’s wealth is controlled by barely 20% of the nation’s population. And today, less than 20% of Nigerians own about 84% of all privately owned wealth. The top 1% of households has about 57.3% of business equity. The…

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