First Day Experience At Camp

The excitement associated with camp and Abuja started increasing gradually after I collected my callup letter.  The feeling of going somewhere new after “5” years of school was great.

Considering what I have been told earlier about camp, I decided to leave on Monday. Got to Yaba and there were buses going directly to Kubwa,  FCT orientation camp venue. There were many prospective corp members boarding buses to Abuja and neighboring states.

I marveled at the big bags and luggages some prospective corpers were traveling with. I couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t just 3 weeks of wearing same white on white all through! What else are they packing into those large bags? Some persons even had buckets with them at the park. Been the person I am, I had just a small bag. I packed quite light containing the few things I was going to camp with; a file containing my credentials, 2 pack of white shirts, 3 pairs of white shorts, a native artire  which was to serve as my sunday wear and my toiletries. Any other thing else was to be procured at the camp.

The bus was eventually filled up. The driver was cursing no one in particular as he and his mates had a hard time fixing bags into the bus. I was seated in the last row with a pretty lady just beside me, a man in his early forties and a fulani lady to the extreme end of the seat.
The lady beside me was so busy with her phone, ear piece stucked to her ears and was humming along to the song obviously playing in her phone.

“On my way now”
“Abuja, would have to locate kubwa when I get there, hopefully I won’t get lost”
“Not flight, road”.
That was my friend on phone with me, and almost immediately…
“Are you going to Abuja”. It was the lady beside me talking.
“What’s happening there”
“I’m going for NYSC”
“Okay, the camp is in Kubwa, not too far from my side”
“Cool. That means today’s my lucky day”
“Lucky as in?”
“Lucky like God sent an angel in human form to make my stay beautiful in Abuja. I’m hoping you could show me round the city when you are free”
“Okay ko”, she replied smiling sheepishly.
I engaged her in light talks and soon, we were chatting like we’ve known each other for long. I brought up different areas of discussion and she flowed with it all. She is a year 3 student of a federal university.
“I’m Emilia, from cross river state”, she said. I introduced myself and we continued the chat till I got to camp late in the night.

There were less activities at Kubwa camp when I arrived since the camp was yet to officially open. I did pre-registration to get a bed and bunk for the night till Tuesday when the real registration will start. Made some calls and went to take my bath. The bathrooms and toilets were in perfect shape and in sharp contrast to the traditional camp toilets I had come to imagine.

I immediately wanted to sleep after my bath but the hunger communicating with my stomach was massive. I had to visit the famous Mami market. The Mami market is another world of its own. The shops were closely attached to each other, some were just canopy while some where open shops with just roofs. Each shop tried to outdo the other by playing loud songs. The noise was so much that you could hardly hear one another. The shops were adorned with wares, ranging from stationaries, wears, restaurants, liquor stores and so on. Some of the restaurants had fancy lights and beautifully decorated to catch the fancy of customers. Some beckon on you as you pass by.

I managed to find a nice restaurant at the mami. Ordered for their rice and drink. After the food, I went back to the room which was filled up. Some people were sleeping, some others playing music while most were gisting loudly.

I got to my corner and saw i had a bunkmate. I noticed the guy arranging over 50 condoms. The share numbers caught my attention and I asked why all the condoms.

“We have 3 weeks to spend in this camp”, he said.  “I’m going to flog 25 girls before I leave camp”, he continued smiling almost mischievously. “One girl per day, so I’m going to need a minimum of 50 condoms, two rounds for each lady”.
“Really?”, I asked quite mockingly while looking at him. He’s definitely not the handsome type of guy, more of 3/10 rating. I could place a bet that he won’t get laid till he leaves camp.

“Yes”, he said excitedly.
“By the time we are leaving this camp, no single condom will be used, so to save you the embarrassment of taking them back home, I’m going to help you use them for their proper function”. I said to him.

“No long talk guy” he replied while he proceeded to share the condoms. “If you finish your half before me, I would give you 10k cash but if I finish mine before you, I get 10k from you”

I stood there looking at him with a confused and surprising face.
“See this guy sha” i was saying in my mind, “What confidence is this Igbo boy showing to a UNILAG badoo like me”. He repeated himself about been serious with his wager, I took up the challenge. Let the game begin cos NYSC after all is National Year of Sex and Comfort 😆


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