Response To The Salt Water Ebola Virus Prevention

After my NYSC parade this morning, I decided to check my phone and reply the important messages.
Seeing over 82 BBM and Whatsapp messages wasn’t unusual to me till I glanced through the contents of the IM I received. More than 2/3 of the messages were asking me to wash my hand with salt and also bath with salt water. Some even went as far as telling me to bathe very early today because the earth would be contaminated before Saturday morning as a result of the anti-ebola vaccine which is been sprayed. That’s illiteracy of the highest order. Vaccines are met to solve problems and not excalate them.

The shocking aspect is the various senders; some been graduates, others in higher institutions of learning and some are important personnel in industries. The oddity of the situation was so flabbergasting I couldn’t react at first.

To begin with, Ebola is a virus and not earthworm. What effect can sodium chloride (cooking salt) have on a virus?

It’s pertinent to inform all those bathing salt water
as a preventive measure against the dreaded Ebola to know that from a scientific perspective, it has been proven that salt solution is hypertonic to
the skin and may cause desquamation. Desquamation is a medical condition where the outer layer of the skin is shredded.

I have been accused of been a phone freak but i know i do use my phone purposefully. That’s why I wonder sometimes what most of us do with our smartphones and tablets that we are gullible to stupid infos. Many of us are yet to do a simple google search on the Ebola virus and would not do so for the next couple of years but would gladly pass out unconfirmed broadcast messages, causing mass hysteria in the process.

To make things crystal clear about this Ebola virus once again, the ebola virus is not transmitted by air, so you cannot inhaled it. It is only transmitted through body fluid. It is also important to note that the virus cannot be transmitted to you from a non symptomatic carrier i.e someone who has been tested positive but is yet to show the ebola symptoms.

Oke Stalyf is advising you to stop the fear and lies. The best way to prevent Ebola is to wash your hands regularly with soap and not with salt. Use hand sanitizer if you can afford it. You can get one for as low as 300 naira from pharmaceutical stores nationwide. Do not touch dead infected bodies no matter how close the person was to you and lastly, google is your best friend when in doubt.

God bless you, God bless Nigeria.
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