Cycle Of Ignorance


A lot of people would see what they are about to read as annoying, some go see am as comedy, buh my people no be joke matter O! Person dey pinch me for here say make I no speak pidgin, abeg free me shey na ur papa language?

With my studies over the years I have come to the the conclusion that stupid people  love being stupid , so much so, that they strive to be really stupid people.They take pride in  showing that they are really stupid people. Really that was your goal in life? To be really stupid? Abeg no be by force to read this further. Na only better person go feel this one.

I love listening to good music, I remain a big fan of hip hop and RnB. My phone  playlist is lined up with good hip hop songs, I mean very good hip hop songs. Oh yeah and Nicki Minaj that girl is good rapper, no denying that she is talented. Shhhhhhh (whispers)….Nicki’s surgically enhanced body shape na die. See as I dy look left and right….shey my girlfriend no hear me? LOL. I respect women a lot and that’s why I hate Nicki when she refers to herself as BITCH.

The hatred becomes strong when some girls start referring to themselves as bitches. Dem plenty for twitter and even instagram,you go fear some BBM display name sef. Now before some real bitches go into the explanation of what they think the term bitch means for them in 2014, What I understand as bitch is a female dog. YES O! Bitch na female dog.
Slave masters called black women bitches because they were bred like dogs and animals. Some stupid girls not only call themselves bitch they act like real bitches. Haba nah we know stupid girls nah dem no dey stop to dey display their stupidity. But why are you proud to be referred to with derogatory terms? Isn’t that Stupid?

My naija boys I hail O! But wetin we go call all those boys wey go bath up, wear the most expensive perfume,put on designer shirt and shoes just to impress a girl that is putting on jeggings of 300 naira.Ladies We know where una dy pick una thing nah Yaba market I hail O! Make I shut up before all those Dubai girls bombard me.

But wait, some guys will even go and borrow car to impress girls, Oga O! Wetin dey vex me about those set of boys be say with all the designers nah garri and groundnut  dem chop for morning and they are still gonna  ve garri for dinner. Tommorow sef nah garri you go stil wack or better stil you cook your regular concoction with just palm oil.
One guy dey para  for here say he dey buy egg join him own concoction.Lmao I don hear you…but shouldn’t you be concerned about eating healthy before you put on all those expensive shit to impress unnecessary people. Another bros don dey para say nah the cloth dey make am dy catch babes, calm down oga stop bragging about having sex with a lot women. I used to think it was cool; I thought it was symbol of manhood. I was stupid. There is nothing cool about that. We go yarn about that one later no be today matter.

We have good girls in Nigeria, don’t remind me I know there are only few of them left. Some girls are from poverty stricken homes, but they wear the most expensive clothes they can buy. Hair done, Nails did…as they say eye brow arched Why? You are from a poverty stricken home and you live in the ghetto. Your priority should be saving your money to help your family and move out of the damn ghetto, not looking fresh in parties and club to impress some other broke guy, who has been wacking garri for the past three day.

My correct guys beware girls that will keep avoiding that you come visiting them in their house..If you go to find out you will see that they live in a very filthy place, yet they put on expensive cloths. Please girls think about those priorities and stop being stupid.

Thank God for social media O! Almost everybody don dey PING!!! Even monkey don dey ontop facebook and twitter. Sometimes just from my twitter I get breaking news and necessary updates on sports, so many interesting things on facebook. Make una no vex O! Sincerely there some stupid people on twitter and facebook. Sometimes I log on to my twitter and I see the stupids things that people post.

Hey!!! Listen do you realize that those nude pictures are stored forever.You do realize that when you post your nudes it can be tracked right back to you right? Of course you don’t. If you do and you still do it, then you are stupid.If you think posting your nude on twitter and facebook is the best possible way to get attention then keep enjoying your fame.

Everybody knows Nigeria is bad.The government of the day is corrupt blah! Blah! Blah! That one nah another day matter sef.But what are you doing besides all this shouting and complaining? Abi shey na to dy jump from one church to another you still dy do? What are you doing to make sure that your children will eat real food and not garri everyday.What are you doing to make sure that your children would get quality education.

What are you doing to make sure you remove your family from poverty.OH! you are just sitting down somewhere and complaining.This time around you need to help yourself and if you are not ready to do anything, abeg stop complaining. Only stupid people do that. You keep on making excuses because that is the easiest way to justify not doing anything.Until you run out of excuses nothing will happen. If you are stupid then happy doing nothing because stupid people never run out of excuses.

If you still want to continue with this cycle of ignorance. Na you know.

Written by Abolade-Johnson
Twitter: @Abolade_Johnson


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