Dialogue And Not Violence Is Still The Better Way

Hello guys, hope your weekend have been great and worthwhile! Because mine didn’t turn out the way I hoped on Friday afternoon and I should say I’m partially to blame for it. Discussing it now would hurt a whole lot of people that were involved with the weekend so it’s far better I allow sleeping dog rest before friends become enemies over a blog post.

And talking of friends and enemies, I am beginning to think the Hausa tribe are some of the most friendly people. This is a far deviation from my initial beliefs when I was still living in Lagos. Many of us from southern Nigeria has this myopic beliefs about the North and his inhabitants. Before I set foot in Northern Nigeria, I always thought most of the people here are poor beggars except the few rich people. I also imagined almost every Northerner has a terrorist link or is always with a “suya knife” which they can easily use in attacking their perceived foes but I must admit so far that has not been the case.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have met a lot of these Northerners and we have had a splendid relationship. Seen them discuss freely with me, share ideas with me and I have also seen football matches together. While I can safely say there is always a “Judas” everywhere, I can also say the average Northerner is friendly.

One major incident where I believe the Hausa guys are friendly was a memory card issue I had that I was sure could have degenerated into a mess if it were some other tribe. I bought a 32GB memory card in Wuse market a little over 3 weeks ago and very unlike me, I didn’t test the memory card before leaving the market. On getting home, I found out the card was bad and wasn’t working. I felt so bad and cheated and made up my mind to deal with the guy when ever I see him for cheating me. My mind was on violence if need be.

I went to the market the 2 days later but was made to understand the guy who sold the memory card to me only comes once in a while and he doesn’t have a shop of his own. This only increased my anger. I went there about 3 more times but still didn’t see him, not until last week.
Unfortunately or fortunately, I read an article that morning how dialogue has solved many difficult situations in the past. So when I saw this guy, instead of getting angry and yelling at him, I calmly explained to him that the memory card was not working, that I have tried reaching him over 4 times and I needed a refund or replacement. Although I had to do this with an interpreter has my seller wasn’t understanding my English properly.

To my pleasant surprise, this Hansa guy brought out his bag and replaced the memory card while apologizing for my stress and the time I spent looking for him. This was a memory card that was over 2 weeks in my hand. I thought he could have refused to replace or refund me and claim I could I have tried it before leaving him that day or it was too late to replace since it has been over 2 weeks in my possession. But here, my Hausa was even apologizing. It was heart touching and it really got me wondering how it would have been if I had decided to use force or violence. Maybe it could have backfire. Maybe na my obituary dem for dey read by now. I now believe that dialogue and not violence is the best way to resolve issues.

The Niger Delta militant issue was solved by President YaruAdua through dialogue within a couple of months after president Obasanjo has spent years fighing them with violence. I would want to think the present Boko Haram issue could be solved by dialogue but all indications so far make us understand the insurgents are not ready for dialogue, so that’s not an option.

Over the week, I also noticed the gullibility of Nigerians. I was in a one of this public macapolo buses when an elderly woman started preaching, praying and prophesying. About 5 minutes later after her public disturbance in the bus – as it was clearly written that no preaching in the bus-, this woman surprised me when he brought out a black nylon bag and told everyone to give offering. The most annoying thing was when she said she doesn’t need the money, that the money is for God. From experience, people that say they don’t need your money are the ones that need it most.
The second most annoying thing was seeing people actually bringing out money and doing offering. I was just amazed. See brain washing sha. Nigerians eh.

One other thing:
Abuja is boring… Compared to Lagos. Although there are many other ways Abuja is better than Lagos. A comparism between Nigeria two most important cities is already in the works.

Till next time, Chao guys.


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