The Real Positive Change In Nigeria

Just last week, CNN listed Nigeria as the 3rd expected fastest growing economy In 2015.

The enemies of this country were definitely disappointed with this beautiful piece of news, you all know who i’m talking about.

I have been patiently waiting on members of the opposition and the Buharists to at least be happy and share the good news but I was disappointed to see very little or none from them. If CNN had predicted doom, you can be sure they would have been on the forefront screaming “Change”.

Despite the insecurity challenges bedevilling the country, no thanks to Boko Haram and their sympathizers, Nigeria under president Jonathan continue to show great signs of economic growth and progress.

Economic growth sends positive message to investors who’ll have the confidence to invest in the country leading to jobs which will ultimately put food on our table.

In 2013, bags of Rice during Christmas and new year festivities cost around 12k to 15k, but last year it cost around 8K-11k naira ditto other food stuffs, and this is despite the falling Naira. How did you think that happened?

Also engaging idle hands in productive Jobs helps improve security by reducing available hands for crime. That’s why GEJ is focusing on the Agricultural sector especially in the North not only to make Nigeria a food sufficient and food exporting country but also to drastically reduce crime.

It’s obvious with GEJ in charge, this economic growth will steadily increase, hence I’m calling on well meaning Nigerians to make #GEJourVal by voting massively for the uncommon transformer come February 14th, 2015.


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