11 Security Tips For Corp Members Conducting The 2015 Elections

1. Buy sufficient airtime on your phone and ensure you keep your phone charged at all point in time. An internet connected phone should be handy too.

2. Always look out for the escape routes at every assembly you find yourself at this period; RAC Center, Collation Center, Polling Unit or wherever.

3. Endeavor to have the Head of DSS and Police’s phone numbers in your LGA. This can be found in your camp orientation booklet or your LGI. Save their numbers on your speed dial list with those of your parents/guardian.

4. Stay at ALERT both mentally, physically and spiritually. There’s no useless information, signal, signage or signpost at this point in time.

5. Know the basics of the host language. Things like: “Where is the nearest police station/barracks?”, “Beat her”, Kill him”, “Carry her”, “Stab him” and some other
abusive/instigating expressions.

6. NEVER attempt to rig in favor of any party. Some parties might attempt to rig. Your hand in it could result in mob action that could take your life.

7. If you observe too much hostility before the election in your area, DON’T PARTAKE. You spent more money to train yourself in school than what INEC would pay. The 2011 stories are still fresh in memory.

8. Keep calm at all times when addressing locals, especially when they don’t understand your language. Your ‘shout’ might sound abusive to them. Get an interpreter and always obtain his cooperation. His advice as one who knows the locality would be handy.

9. Some voters would want to flout electoral rules like; refusing to come at the right time for accreditation, coming an old voter’s card, coming more than once to vote and using more than one PVC. Stand by the law is the best. If you have to give in, make sure ALL party agents agree. Address the issues at your own discretion keeping your safety in mind.

10. If you sense trouble immediately after the election, leave the corpers lodge for a safer place like the barracks, palace of traditional rulers, police station or especially where you’re not known to be a corp member. Places where many corp members reside together are likely targets in times of violence.

11. These tips aren’t particular to a specific part of the country. We’ve all heard different threats to peace in the press. Ignore them at your own peril.

Pass this on to other Corp Members!


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