The Triplod Policy of GEJ

The tripod policy of GEJ holds a very great future for Nigeria. Its a no-brainer that the agricultural, automobile as well as the oil and gas downstream policies under GEJ spells abundance for Nigeria.

Let’s see key examples for a layman:

1. If all we did was feed ourselves without import in a year, the agricultural market in Nigeria is worth approx 20 trillion naira per annum assuming 300 naira per day for 170 million Nigerians for 365 days

2. The oil and gas downstream can employ the same number of people currently employed by the upstream. We can have refineries littered all over communties by the private sector in just two years at the removal of subsidy in Jun 2015. This industry will double Nigerians middle class which is the bane of the economy

3. With 5 car assembly plants nearing completion and another 5 to be completed this year. With the Target by FG to have the companies start car parts manufacture in 2017, Nigeria will be the soul of manufacture in Africa shortly and no engineer in Nigeria will be unemployed

Now imagine if we save the foreign exchange used in importing food products, cars and refined crude oil products…. this will greatly improve our foreign exchange. A dollar could easily equal 70 naira or less by the time we are self sufficient in these three main sectors.

This is the future of Nigeria staring us right in the face and yet some people are screaming change. Change from what to what?

We cant afford to lose these gains. NO, NEVER. President GEJ is a man of the future, shallow minds don’t understand his policies.

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