Still On The Osun State Issue

On #RubbingMinds last Sunday, a member of team GMB mentioned Osun state as one of the APC model state! In Osun, they give a child 1 meal a day but can’t pay parents to give the children the remaining two

When the first lady Patience Jonathan asked “if you give children one meal, who’ll give them the remaining two” they laughed at her.
Come to think of it, when has giving pupils one meal a day at school becomes change? APC are myopic. We don’t need such change.

And from my research, I need to inform you that more than 60% of the feeding is paid for by UNICEF. It means it’s not even the APC that’s paying! So what have they been doing with the high IGR that they can’t pay workers? Even the high IGR is probably from new ventures and muscling the citizens, as well as SMEs to pay more tax. Tinubu need to answer why Osun has not paid his workers for over 5 months now. They’re milking the poor state.

Osun is one of the most indebted state in Nigeria with little to show for it. An APC state tops the list. Last Sunday, one of them also said osun is the state with the lowest poverty index rate in Nigeria. How can a state that hasn’t pay salary in the last 5 months has the lowest poverty rate in Nigeria?

APC is synonymous with Lies, propaganda and deceits. I’m calling on the electorates to reject the APC at all levels during the elections. With our PVC, we all need to resist the Phantasmagoric and cosmetic CHANGE being preached by the APC.

God bless you, God bless Nigeria


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