The Many Lies We Have Heard





I’ve observed with utmost dismay the stupid, foolish and immature way and manner the All Progressives Confidence (Don’t mind my error! Why would I know the name sef, if the party’s flag bearer doesn’t?) have tried to politicize everything in this part of the world. It is highly inglorious and sacrilegious. I don’t understand why a party would dish out LIES on the altar of truth.

First was the resignation of our National Chairman; Adamu Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu. This lie was widely spread on both online and offline media and it became something that the so many gullible Nigerians almost believed if not for the almost immediate debunk done by the game changer himself! This is highly unpatriotic because it further divides Nigeria along party lines whereas we are supposed to really become more united considering our numerous struggles at this time.

Another one was the “My mother is over 70 years and uses a diaper” that was allegedly said by Gov. Peter Ayodele Fayose after the Lagos meeting of the PDP Governors Forum. This was one that really got me vexed because the many unreasonable Nigerians immediately believed and I kept wondering why a highly responsible man like that would utter such not until we all later discovered it was a false call by one Diaspora Coordinator who’s hustling for relevance on the home front after he’s lost it abroad.

Another was the London in Nigeria interview conducted by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. This was the height of it!!!

Now, Gov. Fashola has claimed that President Goodluck Jonathan is responsible for the robbery that happened in Lekki yesterday. How on earth is that real? For crying out loud, why would we become so inhumane because of politics. Like a friend, uncle and brother said somewhere, even if it’s been revealed that joining APC will lead to Hell, so many will still join giving us reasons why Hell is better than Heaven! I call that blind followership… I strongly condemn all these in all sense of decency and call on all well meaning Nigerians to look into this and ensure they desist from Voting for a party that’s filled with LIES!!!

Vote not Fight and Vote for Transformation and not one Phantasmagorical change that is highly cosmetic.


This piece was written by Hon. Israel Oladipupo Ogunseye.

@Hon_Oladipupo on Twitter

Israel Oladipupo Ogunseye on Facebook.


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