The GEJ’s Agricultural Transformation



GEJ’s Agricultural reform is to ensure food security, job and wealth creation and a diversified economy away from oil.

There was a time 1 dollar was 50 kobo. Dollar to Naira rates depend on a whole lot of factors. What you should be asking yourself is how has the loss in value of naira affected our basic commodities. What has happened to the price of rice, beans, garri and the staples we eat everyday?

In the past, when the Naira loses N5 to the Dollar, prices of all essential commodities go up. Transportation becomes exorbitant but today, Naira has lost almost N50 to the dollar and I am still buying food at the rate I was buying them last year. Something is definitely working in this GEJ’s administration.

Google what has happened to Venezuela in this era of crash in oil prices. People are queuing up for milk and other essentials. There is already protests and they even want to sack their govts. A lot of you are complaining but I tell you, things could have been worse.

There was a flood in 2012, yet we didn’t beg any nation for food and you are crying about dollar to Naira rate.

I have my PVC and I have decided to stand and say #YesToGEJ because this election is not about the mundane issues. It’s about our future. We are in a far dangerous position to gamble on a candidate that failed us woefully in our past.

Look out for #TheJonathanReport on twitter later tonight as we continue the Agricultural report.

God Bless you, God Bless Nigeria. Have a lovely week ahead.
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