Stand For What You Have Seen

Dear Beloved,

I write you at this perilous time in the life of our nation, Nigeria. In the next few hours, we will be heading to the poll to decide who leads this country for the next four years.

As you are aware, I am one of the foremost critics of this present administration. I have seen its flaws, failures and weaknesses. I have booed the President and called the government out to action.

However, inspite of the volumes of its failures and shortcomings none can be compared to the doom we are about to get into.

I have read stories of Change, I have watched videos of promises and heard tales of the goodness to come and I can tell you without holding back that all these are nothing but an illusion. A grand deceit coated as reality and a continuation of the perpetual absurdity and monarchical monopolization of economy as being witness in Lagos.

The failures of this present administration will be nothing compared to the doom we will have if the gang of Tinubu, Amaechi, Saraki gets the key to our national treasury.

The sermons of change have been robed in sweet rhythms while no one have answered the critical question of HOW it will be executed. These promises are nothing but a mirage.

In my years of socio-political analysis, I have never seen any fraud as voluminous as this and I sincerely hope we will not get mesmerized by these deceit.

Fellow Nigerians, the future of our nation beckons. Today, we hold this country the duty to save it from criminals and thieves disguised as Change agents. Stand for Nigeria but stand more for what you have seen and not what you are being made to believe will come.

I pray you have the strength to make the right choice.

Forward Nigeria

Yours Sincerely,
Adekoya Boladale


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