Still On The Lagos to Abuja Trekking brouhaha


A man trekked for 19 days from Lagos to Abuja, his legs were not shaking nor was he panting for breath. He still had the strength to climb on top a car, to shout and jubilate. Even the Ethiopians that do marathon gasp for breath.

Let’s assume Buhari was officially declared winner of the election on the 31st of March 2015 and our trekking guy started his journey on the 1st of April 2015. If by 20th of April 2015, Hamisu Abubakar arrived the FCT on foot, it is also confortable to conclude that it took him 19 days to walk from Lagos to Abuja.

24 Hours in a day by 19 days would be 456 Hours. Now how many hours did he walk each day to complete his task in 19 days considering the fact that from Lagos to Abuja is approximately 736.6km?

We also have to consider many factors amongst which are:
1. Did he follow conventional car route?
2. How many minutes/hours did he take to rest, eat and sleep.
3. At what pace was he walking
4. Did he maintain the same pace all through the journey?

Good thinking Nigerians especially the young ones should analyze issues rather than just swallow everything that is dished out to them.

Trekking to Abuja from Lagos is not impossible but this particular one is very doubtful. People in history migrated distances spanning kilometres but it cost them months and years depending on the distance. But for this one in question, I believe it is drama and fiction. Like my good friend Hon Oladipupo analyse here, 19 days from Lagos to Abuja on foot is a pure lie and deception. Even for a camel, it will cost it at least 30 days.

The man in question, did he trekked day and night? If yes, he would’ve probably died. Did he walk through the bushes or on the major road? What’s his strength and stamina level? Nigerians should stop telling impossible stories.

Knowing full well the journey is over 700km and looking at the state of Insecurities in Nigeria, I am not convinced at all. The man rigged the journey. Well the lie is for the uneducated cohorts to believe.

On a lighter note, *in Rotimi Amaechi’s voice* This Trekking was rigged, we should declare the journey inconclusive and he should be made to retrek within 24 hours with tight security, because we will not accept this sham. But for the publicity stunt he and his fellow has created, let’s give him minister for tourism if he has certificate.


One thought on “Still On The Lagos to Abuja Trekking brouhaha

  1. I believe the conditions you have been subjected to in Nigeria makes you question everything you hear and see, if given the opportunity, you would tell me that tomatoes are blue just because someone told you otherwise. please, believe that the man trekked to Abuja and it’s very possible. stop being a doubting Thomas

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