President Buhari Set To Cancel Strategic Chinese Direct Investments In Place Of IMF Loans.

At the concluded World Economic Forum held in Abuja in May, 2014, saw China unveil a $42bn investment over the next 10yrs in the African continent with Nigeria expected to gulp the highest share of over $30bn in direct infrastructural investment, energy sector and manufacturing.

With the emergence of the newly appointed Colonial Governor of the Royal Niger Company aka Nigeria, expect to see PMB cancel outrightly all Chinese direct investments in preference to western loans from the IMF, World Bank and Paris Club.

So all this talk about FG meeting an empty treasury is only to pave way for Buhari taking a juicy IMF loan which will be in dollars and is meant to put us in bondage to the Paris Club and Co for the next 40years.

The change they promised was to steer us back to the dollar which GEJ was set to dump.
This was why Obama wanted GEJ out to the point of loaning Buhari his personal campaign manager and brazenly opposing our fight against the Boko-haram.

Already Sanusi has been appointed into the board of the US based Financial giant Blackstone who are to invest $5bn in our Energy market.

Off course, all the newly borrowed money will more than likely be diverted with nothing on ground to show for it but debt for the next 40years.



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