Pentecostal Churches Have Made Christianity A Sham

I grew up in the barracks where various religion are being practiced. In fact, i was a practicing Christian then.

When its X-mas, most Muslims visit Christians to eat rice, Chicken and celebrate with them. And when its Sallah, we Christians reciprocate the same gesture. Our parents allowed us to visit our Muslim friends to celebrate with them.

It was fun then. We assist in killing the Sallah ram and they assist Christians in killing our X-mas Chicken, Turkey and goats depending on what our parents can afford then.

There was no enmity, hatred, grudge, gossip and unnecessary discrimination between Christians and Muslim.

The muslims then were open minded people so were the Catholics, Anglicans and Methodist (Christians). Everyone did their own thing quietly and respected each other.

Then, Pentecostal Churches began to grow wings and expand across the nation. They brought strive, hatred, discrimination and bigotry among Christians and Muslims. They began to brainwash Christians into believing that Christians and Muslims cannot coexist. They began to brainwash Many Christians that the Catholics, Methodist and Anglican are all Evil, Ungodly, Idol Worshippers etc and should be given distance.

They changed everything. Money became the other of the day in the church. Pentecostal Churches left the core responsibility of their founding fathers that gave free education and scholarship to the masses irrespective of your believe, religion or where you worship which many of the pastors of this Pentecostal churches benefited from. They turned Christianity to money spinning organization, Club house, Cult House and a place where illegality are allowed.

Now, Christians don’t teach morals, they don’t give out free and qualitative education, they don’t give scholarship except maybe to only their members.

Today Christianity is a sham, an eyesore, and a disgrace to the society.

All thanks to modern day Pentecostal churches.

Written by:

Edward Ezekiel Onoriode


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