Nature Does Not Care About Our Religion Or What We Believe In

“The absence of evidence for any God who plays an important role in the universe proves beyond a reasonable doubt such a God does not exist.”

~ Amir D. Aczel

When we wake up in the morning, most people in this part of the world has be skewed to thank God for waking them up. When we are able to see food to eat, water to drink, cloths to wear, shelters on our head, sound health, safe journey to and fro from work, good jobs, excel in exams, promotion in our work places, favour from friends and family, etc… We were made to understand that it’s not our making but God grace so, we MUST always thank God for every positive thing that happened to us.

Also, the devil is blamed for all the negative things that affects our lives. When we fails exam after preparing hard, we blame the devil, when we fall sick, can’t provide for ourselves or family, fail in job interview, can’t provide shelter, food and clothes for ourselves and family, lacking financially, fall sick at every interval etc we pass the blame to the devil.

When i was young, i was made to believe that if you fail to thank God for providing for you, God will not be merciful to you hence, the need to always thank God at every slight opportunity.

I was made to believe that if i don’t pray every now and then, the Devil will have an upper hand in my life and he will torment me and bring pains and sorrow to me.

I was made to believe that without asking God every morning before i leave my house and thank God when am back from my destination, God will not provide to our every need. But i realize that all this thanking God, praying to God and passing blames to the devil are all shenanigans.

Have not prayed nor thank God for some good numbers of years yet, am not different from those Prayer warrior, prayer Jackie Chan, prayer Jet li, Prayer commando and prayer undertakers.

We all pass through the same struggle on a daily basis. Yesterday, am sure most of those that loss their property at the Iyana Ipaja prayed before the leave their house, they must have prayed against any form of accident on their way to work, they must have fortified the road with the blood of Jesus yet, all their prayers were in vein. So, what’s the need of praying when we aren’t certain of what will occur next? What’s the point of praying when we still need to work towards the prayers? What’s the need to pray when of course, prayer is just a wishful saying?

To me, nature does not care about our religion or what we believe in. This earth is chaotic and anything can happen at any time. Good things happen to bad people, bad things happen to good people, vice versa. The same with the animals too. It is all about survival. It is an illusion that when you are good, good things must always happen to you. Have seen so many good people paid in bad ways while bad people receives good favour.

Its good to be good but nature does not care about your goodness and wickedness.


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