Nigerian Politics, Politicians And Its Political Quagmire

I wish I can unlearn many of the things I’ve learnt about Nigeria, her politics & her politicians, maybe then, I would be very optimistic about the future of our great Nation.

With the “little” knowledge I have of this country’s politics, I can say President Buhari won’t fulfill most of his campaign promises.

Not because Buhari doesn’t have the interest of Nigeria at heart or not but because Nigeria’s foundation is faulty. The 1999 constitution as amended is a big fraud. It needs total overhauling.

The game was just to remove GEJ at all cost, protect some people’s interest while making sure status quo return to some Geopolitical zones. Within a few months, everything would be back to as it was.

It is the same old politicians cross carpeting between parties as they fight to protect their personal and most times selfish interest instead of that of Nigeria.

For Nigeria’s best interest though, I hope this is one of those times I am proven wrong and people get to mock me for predicting wrongly
I’ll happily accept mockery if that means a greater Nigeria.
God Bless you, God Bless Nigeria.


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