Press Release: Tribunal Must Be Fair

Our attention has been drawn to a despicable act of desperation by the APC Candidate at the just concluded Lagos West Senatorial District Elections, Mr. Olamilekan Solomon Adeola.

In connivance with some staff of the Tribunal to thwart the cause of justice, he is intentionally removing and stealing ALL  VITAL materials from the court custody having been tendered, sworn to and admitted in evidence by Otunba Segun Adewale, the PDP Candidate.

As such, we wish to draw the attention of the Chief Justice of the Federation, the Lagos State Tribunal Court, the National Assembly Tribunal sitting at Ikeja, Lagos; as well as the Secretary, National Assembly Tribunal with all sense of modesty that the consequential effect of the missing documents if NOT FOUND and properly unravelled will invariably taint the final ruling.

We deem it an unfit and improper conduct by legal practitioners and court officials to engage in such shady dealing and nefarious conduct of descending to this low in subverting obvious justice.

We demand an immediate and full inquiry to unearth any illegal and unprofessional conduct by any erring persons, so as to safeguard the common man’s bedrock and last hope, the Judiciary, from this high level of impunity and chagrin criminal motives which amounts to breach of trust and independence of the court.

We hereby submit that we shall not hesitate to explore any available and justiciable means to salvage the ailing ship of democracy in Lagos State, which has been under the enslaving chains of one man and the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Oke Umurhohwo,

Media Assistant to Otunba Segun Adewale.


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