On President Buhari And The USA Visit

With President Buhari Set To visit the United States of America next week, I hope he won’t be pressured into doing any American bidding to the detriment of Nigeria.

The undoing of many nations starts with seeking validation from the government of the United States of America. America’s interests trump all other interests. I fear PMB’s visit to the White House might end up been just another photo operation.

If you dine with the devil, make sure you use a long spoon. A very very long spoon if possible. Same goes for dealing with the USA. The American government is a vampiric parasite that feeds on a helpless and hapless host until it kills it or renders it useless. Examples abound in the middle east.

I like Americans. The average American is simple, uncomplicated, warm and friendly. But their government is a vile criminal franchise.
It is not in America’s interest for any mineral rich african country to be developed and her people economically emancipated. They rather promote killings, anarchy and destruction.

But in all this, I blame our leaders for still clinging to that colonial mentality of our not being capable enough to solve our own problems.
I would be watching with keen interest the outcome of PMB’s visit.

In a related development, President Buhari’s Visit To USA Will Cost Nigeria N2.2Billion. Details later in the evening..

Finally on a lighter note, the Presidential aides should advise PMB on names to avoid what happened at the G7 summit where PMB called German Chancellor Angela Merkel as President Michelle.

The US president is Obama and not Osama, theirs is called Congress and not National Assembly while their Head of ministries are called secretaries not Ministers.

God bless Nigeria.
Β© Oke Umurhohwo


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