Are We Progressing or Retrogressing Under Buhari?

There is a popular Yoruba proverb which literally translate to “You can predict how the evening would be with the way the morning starts”.

Some of the Buharists have been on my wall always trying to tell me that President Buhari administration has been on for just about two months, that i should not hold him accountable yet. They seem to have forgotten that PMB made a whole lot of promises and I’m only judging Buhari base on his promises. I have no personal vendetta against him.

Look at the issue of Boko Haram for example. In about 2 months of Buhari’s administration, over 700 hundred innocent Nigerians have been slaughtered. Note that the 700+ is the official number we were told and knowing how things work in Nigeria, I won’t be surprised if the exact figure is well over 2000. If such number can be killed in just over 7 weeks under Buhari, multiply that number by 4 years. President Buhari need to do something and do it fast. These daily killings has become a great course of concern.

This was the same Boko Haram that GEJ pushed to the fringes of the Sambisa forest, why didn’t Buhari maintain that tempo?  Why allow the terrorists regroup and re-strategize and become this blood tasty and ferocious overnight? Is Buhari’s body language really encouraging Boko Haram? I’m really concerned about the daily killings as a result of this group.

Fertilizers which farmers were getting for almost free under Goodluck Jonathan is now over N7000. There is no Agricultural Minister. Agricultural reforms that were lauded under GEJ seem to have been abandoned. Food prices are now high. Tomatoes and fresh pepper has become Gold overnight.

A kilo of chicken that I bought as low as N750 in April is now selling between 900 and 1200 Naira across the country. The GEJ’s Agricultural Transformation was lauded even by the APC, so what’s happening all of a sudden? I would have assumed PMB’s tenure would continue from where he stopped since government is continuous.

If you follow Business news, you would have seen the Stock market is losing billions. Stocks are crashing. The Naira is on a free fall. PMB unilaterally dips his hand into our coffers to share over 800B to Governors. Investors are losing confidence in Nigeria.

A dollar is now equivalent to 240 naira.
Stock market loses over 60B in few days. The banks are losing investments, they might soon start sacking and dropping workers. Foreign investors are skeptical about our economy at the moment. No one seem to know or understand the direction of the economy or what economic policy Buhari would use. The price of various commodities are skyrocketing. This is not funny.

The Buharists should wake up. Please sit down and think about what’s really happening. Are we moving forward at the moment or retrogressing? Do Buhari really know what he’s doing? Can we trust the CHANGE the APC promised knowing full well that change could either be positive or negative?

I love Nigeria as much as you all claim, so no one should come and start accusing me of wishing Buhari to fail. I’m just concerned.

May God Bless Nigeria.
© Oke Umurhohwo.


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