Buhari’s “70%” Approval Rating: Who Are They Trying To Deceive?

Nothing can be funnier than waking up to read a news that gave a distinctive pass mark to a government that is yet to put anything on ground. First it was Lai Muhammed that came on air to tell whoever cared to listen that Buhari’s achievement in TWO weeks has eclipsed that of his predecessor Dr Ebele Jonathan.

Today, came NOI poll giving Buhari 70% pass mark. According to the report, “Respondents mentioned reasons for approving the President’s performance after 30 days in office, stating that security has improved (20 per cent), he has good intentions and he is good so far (16 per cent) , and stability of electricity (15 percent) among other”. I don’t know whether to laugh but I think we should analyse this together.

1. Security Has Improved(20%):
Which country’s security improved? Between the period in question (May 29-June 30), Boko Haram strucked Nigeria’s North East 17 times, killing OVER 500 Nigerians in the process with thousands displaced. No single bomb has been thrown at BH terrorists by Nigeria forces since Buhari came onboard.

Buhari inherited a motivated military that had so much success against Boko Haram terrorists between February and May 28 this year. In fact, the failure of Buhari against BH insurgency was corroborated by CNN in their July 14 publication. According to CNN
“Earlier this year, the Nigerian military launched a major offensive and recaptured much of the territory it had lost to Boko Haram. But in the last six weeks, over 500 people have been killed in attacks across the northeast of the country.”

Which security did they say Buhari improved? We are all aware that the Army under Muhammadu Buhari is yet to kill any Boko terrorist. Is it the security of the terrorists? I will not be surprise if another poll score the President 80% in improved security for July 2015 despite repeated Boko haram attack.

2. “Good Intentions and He is Good So Far”(16 per cent):
How did they measure the intention of the President? I have flipped through the needs of Nigerians and the promises of APC, I couldn’t find “Good Intention” as part of our needs. I am equally much confused on “He’s Good So Far”. Good in what sense? I think these people were out to insult us. This is ridiculous.

3. Stability of Electricity(15%):
Like I said in one of my article “though some areas have seen improved power, many other areas are experiencing difficult times when it comes to power.” Some areas have experienced downward fortune with respect to electricity since May 29.

I beg to ask “How many megawatt of electricity has the Buhari administration added since May 29?” It is even pathetic that No new policy on electricity has been initiated nor implemented by the buhari administration. So what are we saying?

It will be safe to conclude that the respondents of that poll (if any was even conducted) were members of Buhari family, APC Chieftains and staffs of Aso rock. The poll is an insult to Nigerians especially to the victims of Boko haram terrorism. It doesn’t matter whether the “poll” was conducted by NOI poll or Aisha’s poll, it is nothing but a sham and a mere wish of the organisers and the Buhari administration.

Guest post written by
© Solomon Tonye “Barcanista”
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