What Does Buhari Think He’s Doing?

I read an article where Ovation Magazine Publisher Mr Dele Momodu was quoted by saying President Buhari knows what he’s doing. In the words of Dele Momodu after meeting with Buhari

“We spoke about security and the efforts he is making; we spoke about anti-corruption crusade and I must say, today, he reassured me that not only does he know what he is doing, he is determined to make Nigeria work.”

After reading the article, I began to ask myself maybe Dele Momodu really heard the President say “I don’t know what I am doing” or he was actually misquoted. Let us see…

The Economy Under Buhari
Since May 29 the price of goods and commodities in the market have gone astronomically high. Between May 29 and July 16, The naira depreciated by 22% against the Dollar. It depreciated from N198/$ to N242/$.

Fuel is still being sold at N110-120 per liter as against the approved N87 per liter in filling stations despite the existence of subsidy. Yet we have no economic manager nor planners in place, neither do we have any direction that we can say our country is heading to. Despite all these, the President still thinks he knows what he is doing?

Security in the North-East that was experienced significant improvement as at May 28, 2015 has gone from improvement to deterioration. Boko haram terrorists has strucked about 25 times killing more than a thousand and displacing thousands of Nigerians since President Buhari took over power.

Despite all the attacks, it has never been reported that the military under Buhari struck BH for even once. Yet Mr President still thinks he knows what he’s doing?

Look at the corruption cases and the systematic letting off the hook of Timpre Sylva. Till date all immediate past Governors and political office-holders are walking free without the present administration instituting any fresh case. The cases against Sule Lamido and sons, Murtala Nyako and son and Timpre Sylva which Buhari inherited from his predecessor have taken a new twist. While the Lamidos and Nyakos were granted bail, Sylva was systematically let off the hook.

Is the administration trying to tell us that non of the immediate past chief executives apart from Sule Lamido was corrupt (irrespective of party line)? And Buhari still thinks he knows what he’s doing?

The administration several times had countered and reversed itself within days/hours all because it lacks coordination. First it was the permanent secretary of Defence Ministry announcing that the President had ordered for the dismantling of military checkpoints. 48hours later APC Governors after having meeting with the President came out to say the President had reversed himself. Days later came the now outgone NSA who said there was no such order for dismantling of military checkpoint by the President.

There was conflicting reports from the Presidency and the Foreign Affairs whether or not the President did recall Nigeria Ambassadors. Yet, the President thinks he knows what he’s doing?

Is it that Dele Momodu was misquoted or he himself misquoted the President? Is it a case of trying to launder the image of the President and give Nigerians that are tired of the directionless government a false message that “Buhari is on top of the situation”? Is the President out of touch with reality?

I understand that the administration has been looking for means to propagate false hope. However, from all indices on ground, it is very clear (even to the blind) that Muhammadu Buhari does not know what he’s doing. But, if the President insists that he knows what he’s doing, then it is safe to say that Nigerians elected a disillusioned government.

May God Bless Us All.
© Solomon Tonye
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