On Fashola N78M Website Upgrade

My attention has been drawn to the fact that Lagos State spent N78m to “upgrade” a personal website of former governor Tunde Fashola, and a further N330m on Residence for Deputy Governor.

Note that it is upgrading and not even building a website from the scratch. It’s an “upgrade” of a personal website for 78 million naira. This is not good for democracy.

I now understand why Lagos State government under Fashola spent tax payers money heavily just to defend its inability to honor SERAP freedom of information Request on WORLD BANK loans.

From this, it’s obvious that until there is TRANSPARENCY in government dealings, we can’t stop corruption and inefficiency.

I have good understanding of the process of creating websites especially those of WordPress. For as low as N15k, a WordPress site can be up and running, so why does a Tunde Fashola wordpress template cost N78m?

Why would any state government pay for any personal website of a government representative?

Spending N78M on a website is just another example of how the Nigerian political class does not even bother to have scarcely plausible figures leave to the general public.

I really think we need an Open Government that will give room to transparency around Contract Procurement.

And to think this is the only project that Lagosians know the cost is surprising. What about the others? A can of worms definitely. It’s about time we domesticated the Freedom of Information bill


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