My Take On Fashola’s Response To The Website Brouhaha

This morning, I was reading the response of former Lagos state governor, Tunde Fashola of how N78 million was used in upgrading a website. Sincerely, that was a horrific response. I am convinced Fashola doesn’t know what’s on the website or even the contract papers.

I am also seeing how APC apologists have been defending him all over social media. Certainly, hypocrisy has gone to unprecedented level in Nigeria.

For a minute, imagine if it was Goodluck Jonathan or any of his close aide that spent N78million on his personal website and still have the effrontery to admit it publicly. Social media and the news media would have definitely been in meltdown.

From his response, Fashola apparently,  thinks his oratory power and side talk will pull him out of this crime. You spent N78million on a personal website according to the Lagos State Public Procurement books, you claim it was N12.5million while the developer claimed they got less than N10million. Cheeiii Fashola… And I used to admire this man ooh.

It’s a good thing a concerned group in Lagos has sent a petition to the EFCC. Let’s see if the EFCC would wake up to their legitimate duties and not those of torturing the RECs of Akwa Ibom and Rivers state.

Funny enough, Fashola in his response almost called the people that criticized the amount used for website upgrade pigs. Now, what’s it with APC calling people that disagree with them PIGS? I remember Omojuwa and many APC apologists called GEJ a pig. While up till now, some of them still tag Pro PDP persons “PDPigs”

One can fully understand why Lagos State has a debt of over 418 billion naira now when you consider that Fashola can spend N78M to upgrade his personal website.

May Olodumare Bless us all.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead.


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