Happy Birthday To Okocha And My Thoughts On Selected Events This Week

My thought and prayers go out to the families of victims of the Helicopter crash in Oworo area of Lagos State earlier this week. May the Creator grant them the fortitude to bear this great tragedy.

Thumbs up to PMB for indicating interest in fighting corruption, but someone should remind him that in a democracy, the court proceedings to convict a well known corrupt politician might take years! So he should stop behaving like he will be the one to sentence them.

There are rules and procedures and unfortunately they are painfully slow but must be followed.

Happy Birthday (on Friday) to Austin Azuka Okocha, a quintessential master of the round leather game, a passer of the ball, a deadly free kick taker, a dribbler, the best midfielder in Africa and beyond… Lol. God bless you Jay Jay….so good they named him twice.

Over the week, the Ghana Airspace Management Authority refuted claim by president Buhari that they manage Nigerian airspace off the gulf.

It seems that at the rate we are going, Buhari’s administration will be remembered more for the things he did not do, but they said he did and he said he did not do than the things he truly did.

Turning to Edo state; while workers in his state are complaining of poor work environment and non payment of salaries, Adams Oshiomole (aka Osho baba) is busy parading himself in Abuja performing duties of a federal minister. It is such a shame.

Meanwhile, the fanzy of the English premier league seems to have made us abandoned the Nigerian Premier league totally. I’m proudly Warri Wolves FC. Also the semi finals of the federation cup will take place this weekend.

Akwa United vs Nasarawa Fc.
Lobi stars vs Rangers FC.

Let’s support the Nigerian league. Ticket is as low as 200 Naira. Proudly Nigerian

Finally, this is a special announcement to all Lagos residents. Whenever you find yourself in danger or you need to report an emergency or crime in the city dial 767. It is toll free and their response is within 10 minutes.

I witnessed their swift response recently.

May God bless Nigeria.


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