Can unemployment be eradicated in Nigeria?

We cannot underestimate the fact that unemployment has given birth to so many social ills in Nigeria and the government is battling with this pandemonium on daily basis ranging from armed robbery, prostitution, cyber crime down to corruption , child abuse, fraud and above all terrorism.

The unemployment rate in Nigeria is so alarming that every government in power has proffered different means and method to curtail it to the bearest minimum but all effort has been furtile and unachieveable.

Over the years, different programs and agenda been put in place by the government to solve the problem of unemployment as been laudable and encouraging, but each government has always failed to understand that apart from this, there should be provision for an enabling environment that will make employment strive.

Government should concentrate on putting in place conducive environment for industries to grow, concentrate more on providing constant and stable electricity for one man business to grow, construct good and accessible roads for goods to be easily moved from one destination to another.

When most of the above factors are put in place, it gives room for idea creation and entrepreneurship within and outside the shores of our nation.

Nigerian youths are generally innovative and highly intelligent and if small scale loans are adequately available for the youth to exhibit their creative skills, it will reduce the rate of unemployment and create more job opportunities.

The government should try and concentrate more on economic stability, economic growth, defense of the country, unity of the country and above all even development in every part of the country.

When they do so, there will be economic growth and Nigerians will feel the impact of the government of the day.

If the Government are sincere in creating millions of jobs for the Nigerian youth as they always claim to create during their campaign, they only need to put the necessary structures, security and above all conducive environment for investors to compete.

With these we can be rest assured of the millions of unemployed that will be gainfully employed within a short while.

By Adesina Oluwaseun.


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