A Call On President Buhari To Reduce Fuel Prices

I can still recall vividly in January this year, the APC via their spokesman Alhaji Lai Mohammed berated the Goodluck Jonathan administration for reducing pump price by only 10 naira to 87 naira and that pump price should be 70 naira.

Here is part of the statement:

“The All Progressives Congress has accused the Federal Government of “making a show out of deceit by its so-called fuel price reduction,” saying a 10.3 per cent slash in the price of petrol (from N97 to N87) is “a mere tokenism at a time the price of crude oil has crashed by about 60 per cent.”

In a statement in Lagos on Monday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the pump price of a litre of fuel should not be more than N70.

It said the reduction in price meant that at “N87 per litre, the government is forcing Nigerians to subsidise the massive corruption in the oil sector by N17″ for every litre of fuel.”

Read everything here

As at today, the price of crude oil has crashed even further by more than $20 yet the APC, the President Buhari lead government and their supporters don’t think pump price should be reduced. They are even not talking about it.

One would expect the same logic that was applied by the APC in January to come into play especially now that they are in power and do the needful by reducing fuel prices appropriately to match the current realities.

What is good for the goose should also be good for the gander. We should call on president Buhari to reduce the fuel price with immediate effect.


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