Nigeria Is Practising Northernocracy

If it was ever in doubt that we are practising Northernocracy, today’s set of appointment confirmed it.

In case you are not aware, President Muhammadu Buhari made 6 new appointments today.

1. Chief of Staff to the President
2. Secretary to the Government of the Federal
3. Comptroller General of Customs
4. Controller General of Immigration
5. SSA to the President on National Assembly matters (Senate)
6. SSA to the President on National Assembly matters (House of Representatives)

From the 6 appointments made, 5 were from the North and 1 SSA from the south

So it’s official now that there is no South South and South East office holder in the top 10 Federal political posts in Nigeria as at today

President – North
Vice-President – South west
Senate President – North
Speaker of House of Reps – North
Chief Justice of the Nation – North
Secretary to Federal Govt – North
Head of Civil Service – North
Chief of Staff to the President – North
Comptroller General of Customs – North
Comptroller General of Immigration – North

Let’s be sincere, why won’t the easterners demand Biafra when they are been clearly marginalised?

Since the return of democracy in 1999, there has never been this blatant tribalism in appointments as we are seeing under Buhari.

Anyway, thank you President Buhari for confirming what we all knew subconsciously, but pretended otherwise… Nigeria is an Orwellian society

The APC has now made it clear that “federal character” no longer matters while Buhari is showing winner takes it all. A precedent and a dangerous one at that in a multi ethnic country like Nigeria has been set.

Finally, President Buhari is lecturing Southern Nigerians an important lesson on political appointments: #Northernocracy, a government of Northerners, by the Northerners and for Northerners.

Members of the 5% constituency can do well to take note.

May God Bless Us All


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