Ignite Your Reading Culture, Re-orientate Your Mindset

readers are leaders

There is a saying “if you want to keep a secret from an African man, hide it in the book”. This is an embarrassing statement to explain our failed reading culture in Africa, most especially among Nigerians.

The younger generations have lost the value of reading and information that could enlighten them positively towards the happenings in their society. They have rather imbibed cybercrime, prostitution, corruption and other societal vices to be successful in life.

This has given room to the political class to continually tremble on their fundamental human rights in depriving them of the dividends of good governance due to their lack of proper and adequate information.

If you are not informed, you will be deformed. How many Nigerian youth are positively informed of the happenings in their environment? Even with the inventions of the modern day gadgets which the youth should have embraced positively to aid their reading culture, the youth have abused these gadgets and turn them into a mobile pornographic centers. Some even use these electronic gadgets for cybercrime to defraud people.

These electronic gadgets which would have been used to increase their learning and reading culture, has turned out to a tool to “inject social vices” into our society. What a shame to our reading culture in Nigeria.

Readers, they say are leaders. You cannot be a successful leader that could impact positively on its followers without a good reading culture to feed your followers with. Our government have continually failed us due to the opportunist political class that we have.

They have not imbibed and groomed themselves with the necessary and relevant reading culture that could make them function effectively in the position of authority they find themselves, which has deprive the citizenry of good governance. It has also deprive the masses the necessary dividends of democracy. You cannot be called a true leader without a proper, effective and continual reading culture.

Our poor reading culture in Nigeria as contributed immensely to the high rate of poverty and unemployment. Our youth have continually failed because they are lazy to read on some useful tips that could help them build a brighter future.

The nation have been failing because those in position of authority have failed to read about history and learn from it.

On Saturday, 19th September, 2015 by 8am at Teslim Balogun stadium, let’s join Kola Oyeyemi, Larry Izamoje, Seyilaw, Chidinma, Tee A, Joseph Benjamin and other purposeful youth to walk in reviving our  poor reading culture in Nigeria.

Be part of the destiny walk and let’s jointly revive our poor reading culture.

May God bless Nigeria.



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