My Conversation With A Buharist Last Night

Had a very interesting conversation with a hardened Buharist yesterday Night:

Buharist: Shame on you Oke. Ameachi has been confirmed as minister. I don’t even know where you got your facts that he is corrupt.

Oke: the same facts you used in saying Diezani is corrupt is same facts I used.

Buharist: Don’t even start that one. Diazani is corruption personified. She is very very corrupt.

Oke: I’m not holding brief for Diazani but if you say she’s corrupt, I put it to you that Amaechi is corrupt too.

Buharist: Where’s your proof that Amaechi is corrupt?

Oke: Where’s your proof that Diezani is corrupt?

Buharist: Funds have gone missing under her watch, the facts are there!

Oke: A probe panel has indicted Amaechi of some missing funds, and they claim they have the facts to prove it. The Senate ethics committee recommended Ameachi not be screened

Buharist: Well, till they prove it, Amaechi is innocent until proven guilty. After all, that’s what the Constitution says.

Oke: Does that section of the Constitution only apply to Amaechi? *Confuse*

Buharist: Whatever sha. All I know is Diezani is a thief and she must return all our money.

Oke: Shouldn’t Amaechi return Rivers state money too?

Buharist: Which money? Do you even pay tax? Where’s your tax records sef.

Oke: Show me yours first, and I will show you mine.

Buharist: No you show me yours, I asked first.

Oke: That is not a valid reason

Buharist: Valid or not..Ameachi has been confirm as minister and he would take his development of Rivers state to national level.

Oke: Okay Oh. Like the mono rail development right? APC, its politicians starting from Buhari and supporters are just something else.

Buharist: You are talking nonsense. Just accept the fact that Jonathan has lost and he is not coming back. If you cannot accept that, go and die or hug transformer or better still jump into the Lagos Lagoon since you live in Lagos. Buhari is your president for the next four years

Oke: Typical Buharist and APC apologist. Always resorting to insults when they meet superior arguments or have nothing reasonable to say.

Buharist: You are just a big fool.

Me: Enough said, good night.

Now my questions:
1. Why do the average Buharists resort to insults when you don’t accept their views?
2. Why is APC and their supporters synonymous with lies and hypocrisy?
3. Must everyone support APC?
4. Is it a crime for me to be pro Democratic and not pro Progressive?

May God Bless Nigeria.


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