Someone Tell Buhari That There Are Better Ways Of Telling Investors The Truth

We are not saying President Buhari shouldn’t tell foreign investors the truth about Nigeria but some of the truths he ‘tells them’ have nothing to do with investment and is instead demarketing Nigeria.

There are far better ways to go about telling the story of Nigeria today than what Buhari is doing, telling the world that Nigerians are lazy, dishonest and corrupt.

Like Solomon Apenja rightly pointed out, what stopped Buhari from telling his ‘investors’ that Nigerians are hardworking people who NEVER give up? Who can not be hindered?

That Nigeria’s are so resilient they built an economy based on generator… imagine when we fix power.

Ask yourself for a moment, why didn’t President Buhari tell investors “we have issue with corruption, but take my words for it, we are working on that and it’s stopping soon instead of the “Nigerians are corruption personified mantra”?

What stopped Buhari telling these investors that “Nigerians are hip and trendy people! Bring your top-brands and you have the biggest market in Africa buying them?”

Nigerians have transformed Nollywood into the second largest movie industry in world, what stopped him from asking the Indians to see how Bollywood can partner with Nollywood? I’m sure that would be a fresh break and many people would be interested in seeing a hybrid Indian-Nigeria movie.

Every sound reasoning Nigerian would agree there are a thousand and one truths our president could have told the investors on his last trip abroad while giving hopes he’s working to fix our problems. Instead he chose to say Nigerians are lazy and corrupt people.

So much for our president


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