FOI Showed El Rufai Lied About Amount Spent On Independence Day Celebrations


About 2 months ago, Governor El Rufai of Kaduna state shameless claimed “N64 billion was spent on Independence Day celebrations” by the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

Without verifying what El Rufai has released, which is now obvious was gratuitous nonsense designed to whip vapid Buharist voltrons into a frenzy, the Buharists and APC apologists went into unbridled exuberant wild ecstasy triggered by an unhealthy obsession to tarnish and denigrate GEJ at all cost.

I remember speaking with one Buharist I thought was smart but the Kabiyesi Intellectual to my ought most surprise perform an intellectual gymnastics, danced awilo telling me how GEJ has destroyed Nigeria and bypassed the point I was making.

Well, BudgITng, Nigeria’s civil tech organisation which is raising the standard of transparency in public organisations and citizens engagement sent an FOI to the office of the Secretary to the government of the Federation requesting how much has been spent by the last administration for Independence day celebrations.

Last night, the SGF replied their FOI to determine the actual expenditure spent.
The figures released:

2010 (Golden Jubilee) – N1.7bn
2011 – No release of funds
2012 – N107.6m
2013 – N45m
2014 – N180m
2015 – N70m
Centenary – N138.1m

To access and downland the response from the SGF Office on amount spent on 2010 – 2015 Independence Celebrations, please visit

The figures released is a far cry from the N64 billion governor El Rufai claimed was spent.

One begin to wonder why a sitting governor would make such outlandish statement just to besmirch, traduce, disparage and defame the person of Goodluck Jonathan.

So much for the party call APC which has taken lying to an all new level in Nigerian politics.

May God bless us all


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