Before You Get Carried Away By #EkitiGate

Before you get carried away by #Ekitigate as monitored on Channels TV yesterday, note that it is their plan that every week there will be a nollywood film to distract Nigerians from their incompetence.

The movie of yesterday was to distract Nigerians from the Boko Haram massacre in Dalori over the weekend.

Why are they pursuing a paper lion? The Supreme Court has affirmed governor Fayose elections months back, so which court will they take it to?

If they are sure of their evidence, why have they not presented it before any court of law?

Concerning the money, Goodluck Jonathan was the national leader of the PDP as the President, meaning any fund meant for any State election usually come from his directive to party national secretariat.

As for Tope Aluko, he stole N100m out of N500m meant for Ekiti Election, that was why Fayose told him after election that he has taken his share of the government and he should not expect any government position.

APC should tell Nigerians what they used the TSA commission funds to do in Kogi and Bayelsa elections.

As much as they wish, EkitiGate unfortunately cannot be revisited in any court again, begging the question what they wish to achieve by the movie acted yesterday on Channels TV.

I wish you all a happy viewing of this week movie.

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