An Open Letter To President @MBuhari


“Why me? Why did I rule Nigeria now when while others ruled oil sold for 146 dollars per barrel”. Buhari Paraphrased

Mr President sir,
When life gives a Fulani man soup, he does not complain he has no cassava to make garri or akpu. He takes his rice and makes tuwo.

I wrote an article immediately after you won that all this flipflop and complaints of not having money etc is like a man who deceives another man’s wife to leave her husband and that he would love and cherish her, only for her to pack out and move in with him and he starts telling her he does not have the money to take care of her.

If you know that you cannot manage the country without oil selling for 146 dollar per barrel, why did you keep contesting? Why not leave our Goodluck Jonathan or let Atiku or Tambuwal inherit the APC structure created by Tinubu?

To think that all you ever think of is oil is understandable. You have never worked in your life. Everything has come free. You have never guaranteed your own Salary.

As a youth you joined the army. In the army, your uniform and gun is paid for with oil money from the Niger Delta. You became Governor. You merely rely on allocation to states. Then you became Minister of Petroleum and then NNPC Managing Director. Of course more free oil money. Then you became president. Free house in Dodan Barracks and again free money. You went to prison, free house and free food. You came out and became PTF boss, richest ministry under Abacha. Again free oil money. And when you left office, as a former president, everything has been free free free.

An Atiku has invested and ran a company. Even as Nigeria is going through hard times, an Atiku is calculating and thinking how best to MANAGE his huge investments. Tambuwal has a chambers. El Rufai has his building firm business. These people have understood good and bad times and know not to blame the breeze, sun, moon, cloud etc. They know they must pay their workers.

Every Igbo man with a store knows this. You complain a bit but you shut up most of the time and work. Iya Basira that sells kpomo at Oyingbo knows how to cut her kpomo when economy is good and how to cut it when it is bad.

But you Buhari, your addiction to free and easy everything is your undoing. I owned a record label. We do not know where promo money will come from or recording money but we believe and we hustle and fight and when we have money, we go to Puffy T, OJB etc. and when we do not have much, we leverage on friendship with the Charles Duke etc. We do not cry.

It is why I have maintained that you Buhari, for not leveraging on the time you have had since you left power to educate yourself further and learn new things, by not following your passion in cow husbandry and bringing your cow business to modern standards, by not having NGO’s and running them, searching for money to fund it, you Buhari have passed through life SPOILT.

As a Fulani, you did not even need WAEC to enter the army. You used a Principal’s promissory note THAT YOU WIIL PASS. Even in your campaign, Tinubu and Amaechi did all the work. You only spoke for four minutes. You did not even read the APC 100 days Covenant. You are a spoilt Sai Baba.

Sai Baba that you are called has made you think you know it all and must not develop yourself. Obasanjo went back to school. Gowon has gone back to school and Ojukwu cannot deceive himself with CONFEDERATION anymore if he was still alive, but YOU HAVE NOT ROSEN UP TO ANY CHALLENGE.

Oil at 36 dollars now is a challenge to be faced squarely by any president who has run a business. He will know that it is no time to buy BMW or budget 39 billion for propaganda. (Ministry of Information). In times of crisis like this, you do not get told in a media chat that Senate is collecting car loan and then getting cars free and then saying “that is bad” as if it is not your budget. You look at every item with a view to limiting expenditure, ensuring there are no leaks or wastage.

An Atiku is doing that with his companies now. El Rufai is doing it. Every Igbo man in government is doing it with their SECOND ADDRESS aka businesses. The Yorubas continue to read; example is an Osinbanjo using 5Million for just books. But you, your learning ended in 1985 so you still say WEST GERMANY and DEUTCHMARKS and FRANCS even when all the above has changed.

Mr president sir, with all your complaints and blaming of everyone, DID YOU NOT KNOW THIS BEFORE CONTESTING? Did you not analyse it that IBB killed the naira? (as you claimed). Did you not know Chibok was in GEJ’s time? Why did you go promising people you will make naira equal to the dollar and you will find Chobok girls and provide “sekooority”? Its been 9 months and instead of presenting your road map to success, you are insulting the old map. WHERE IS YOUR NEW REPLACEMENT ROADMAP?

Nigeria is not the only country affected by oil slump. In fact, many countries have no oil. Do people not still run these countries and without complaints?
Nature has called you at this time to stand up and lead your country. You must take up the challenge.

What good does whining do? NONE. Oil will never sell for 100 dollars per barrel ever again, except our sweet crude or Bonny Light happens to cure cancer. Those days are gone forever. So what do you do?

1. Take back that Anini budget. Get experts to look it over. I can suggest Kalu Aja, young but brilliant. He can refocus the expenditure and make each naira work for itself

2. GEJ’s ministers like Adesina is the head of Africa Development bank. Ottey is Vice president of World bank. Ngozi Okonjo Iwealla remains a financial goddess. Use their influence and get financing. Stop demonizing everything GEJ.

3. Buy Nigeria. All government official cars should be Innoson. One Yoruba guy in Osun fits bullet proof. Let us keep
the money in this economy.

4. Switch the 40 billion for oil search in Sambissa forest to farming, gemstone and metal search in the North and middle belt and to Bitumen in Ondo. See where coal in Enugu can take us.

5. Ensure there is peace in Niger Delta and in the East. Whatever is spent to achieve peace within reason will not be regretted. Peace is cheaper.

6. Complete the GEJ’s projects like the maritime university, second Niger bridge etc. You can punish the fraud without stopping the projects. These are laudable projects.

7. Get Northern youths into the Almajiri schools and build more. Pay parents in the North to send kids to school. We will complain in the south, but ultimately, that is the true end to Northern backwardness and Boko Haram.

8. Buy weapons and motivate the army. Imagine that Boko Haram started in your time and forget about what GEJ bought or did not. Take the army as it is and move on and crush Boko haram through financial offering to those who will take it and stop fighting and crushing those who will not.

9. Get The best advisers. No one expects you to know everything.

10. Cede some power to Osinbanjo. If Tinubu trusts him, he must be quality. You trusted Fashola, a Tinubu creation. Trust Osinbanjo too. You cannot do it all.

11. Again, you cannot do it all. We see you moving FEC meeting from weekly to bi monthly. We know it is over your health and age. We hear you want to make it monthly. DO NOT. We need you on the ball. Even if you cannot be there, let Osinbanjo be a true deputy. Dambazzu is there to watch him for you.

12. You are president of the whole Nation, not of Daura. Act like it. Texas did not vote Obama. It does not matter what areas voted you. Be all our president.

13. Economy economy economy. Reconsider your position on the naira. Keeping it 197 when all of us buy at 307 is foolishness. We are losing investment in trillions. Please reconsider. Make those in diaspora have confidence in banking their dollar in Nigeria again. We need their dollars.

There is so much to say sir, but nothing that you have spoilt that cannot be repaired. Get better advisers sir.
Yours Patriotically,
Ena Ofugara


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